Lathe Machine 7′ To 20′ – Heavy Duty Lathe – (12″ Center 13″ Bed Width) Cone Pully Type


  • Heavy Duty Cone Pulley Lathe Machine – 7 FEET & 20 FEET
  • Height of center – 300 mm
  • Swing bed – 600 mm
  • Swing over cross slide – 350 mm
  • Swinging gap –850 mm
  • Spindle bore – 80 mm

Separate us from others

Salient Features

  • Hexagonal shaped Tail Stock with hardened and ground tail stock Spindle made from alloy steel having external and internal grinding
  • The apron is totally enclosed oil bath system with the lever-type arrangement or automatic feeds
  • Boring of Head Stock is done on WMW boring machine fitted with inspected hardened and ground spindle made from alloy steel
  • The bed is made from 25 Grade Cast iron of 180 BHN hardened, strictly inspected with micro-level, Hardness Tester, and Straight Edge
  • COLOUR OPTION: Emerald Green / Blue & White(Two-Tone)
  • Instruction Manual as per Indian Stranded Is-1878 (part-1) 1971
Bed Type 2V & 2 Flat 2V & 2 Flat 2V & 2 Flat 2V & 2 Flat 2V & 2 Flat 2V & 2 Flat 2V & 2 Flat
Bed Length 7-FEET 9-FEET 12-FEET 14-FEET 16-FEET 18-FEET 20-FEET
Bed Width 325 MM 325 MM 325 MM 325 MM 325 MM 325 MM 325 MM
Gap Length 160 MM 160 MM 160 MM 160 MM 160 MM 160 MM 160 MM
Gap Length in front of the faceplate 175 MM 175 MM 175 MM 175 MM 175 MM 175 MM 175 MM
Height of Centre 300 MM 300 MM 300 MM 300 MM 300 MM 300 MM 300 MM
Swing Over Bed 600 MM 600 MM 600 MM 600 MM 600 MM 600 MM 600 MM
Swing Over Cross slide 350 MM 350 MM 350 MM 350 MM 350 MM 350 MM 350 MM
Swinging Gap 850 MM 850 MM 850 MM 850 MM 850 MM 850 MM 850 MM
Admit Between Centre 1000 MM 1500 MM 2500 MM 3000 MM 3500 MM 4000 MM 4500 MM
Movement of Cross Slide 300 MM 300 MM 300 MM 300 MM 300 MM 300 MM 300 MM
Movement of Compound Slide 115 MM 115 MM 115 MM 115 MM 115 MM 115 MM 115 MM
Spindle Nose 6 TPI 6 TPI 6 TPI 6 TPI 6 TPI 6 TPI 6 TPI
Taper Bore in Spindle Sleeve MT – 4 MT – 4 MT – 4 MT – 4 MT – 4 MT – 4 MT – 4
Spindle Bore 80 MM (3-INCH) 80 MM (3-INCH) 80 MM (3-INCH) 80 MM (3-INCH) 80 MM (3-INCH) 80 MM (3-INCH) 80 MM (3-INCH)
TAILSTOCK Quil Dia 57 MM 57 MM 57 MM 57 MM 57 MM 57 MM 57 MM
Taper in Quill MT – 4 MT – 4 MT – 4 MT – 4 MT – 4 MT – 4 MT – 4
Quill Travel 180 MM 180 MM 180 MM 180 MM 180 MM 180 MM 180 MM
No. of Spindle Speed 8 8 8 8 8 8 8
RPM (Low / High) 1440 RPM Motor 50-500 50-500 50-500 50-500 50-500 50-500 50-500
RPM (Low / High) 720 RPM Motor 25-250 25-250 25-250 25-250 25-250 25-250 25-250
Metric Thread 1 to 15 MM 1 to 15 MM 1 to 15 MM 1 to 15 MM 1 to 15 MM 1 to 15 MM 1 to 15 MM
English Thread 4 to 60 TPI 4 to 60 TPI 4 to 60 TPI 4 to 60 TPI 4 to 60 TPI 4 to 60 TPI 4 to 60 TPI
Lead Screw 38 MM x 2TPI 38 MM x 2TPI 38 MM x 2TPI 38 MM x 2TPI 38 MM x 2TPI 38 MM x 2TPI 38 MM x 2TPI
Motor Power 3 HP 3 HP 3 HP 3 HP 3 HP 3 HP 3 HP
‘V’ Belt C-68 C-68 C-68 C-68 C-68 C-68 C-68
wight (Approx.) 1200 1400 1600 1900 2100 2400 2600
Floor Space Occupied (Approx.) L × W × H (MM) 2600 X 950 X 1400 3200 X 950 X 1400 3200 X 950 X 1400
Price 325000 337500 400000 437500 500000 562500 590000


Innovation with a Purpose



Quality :
Our lathes quality is maintained because of our step by step manufacturing process. According to our manufacturing process, metal cutting lathe performance and accuracy are better than other industrial lathe machine manufacturer.

Our toolroom lathe is manufactured as per Indian Standard test by testing instruments like,

  • Straight Edge:

A straightedge is a tool with an edge free-form curves or straight, used for transcribing straight lines. Straightedges are used in the automotive service and machining industry to check the flatness of machined mating surfaces and concave & convex.

True straightness can in some cases be checked by using a laser line level as an optical straightedge: it can illuminate an accurately straight line on a flat surface such as the edge of a plank or shelf. It effects in the production schedule, time schedule, time saving and increase the quality of our products.

  • Spirit Level Precision:

Generally, an engineer’s spirit level is used to level machines, although they may be used to level large workpieces on machines such as planers. Spirit levels are also used in building construction by carpenters and masons.

A precision level is used to check the installation of precision machines in two axes. A lathe is manufactured with its base in a level plane. Small milling machines are often roughly leveled but large mills are installed level. Periodically check the level to ensure contained lathe accuracy by using Spirit Level accuracy of 0.05 mm/mt. According to IS Test Chart machine must be accurately leveled up to 0.02 mm per meter.

  • Hardness Tester BHN Scale:

Hardness measurements quantify the resistance of a material to plastic deformation. hardness tests compose the majority of processes used to determine material hardness, and can be divided into two classes: macro-indentation and micro-indentation tests. It’s used to test the hardness of the bed. Our each lathe machine’s hardness of the bed is 400 BHN as per IS test.

The main advantages of the hardness test are that extremely accurate readings can be taken, and just one type of indenter is used for all types of metals and surface treatments.

  • Tachometer RPM MPM:

Tachometer RPM Meter is an instrument measuring the rotation speed of a shaft or disk, as in a lathe machine, drill machine, milling machine and other machinery. The tachometer is used to accurately measure spindle RPM (Speed) of the lathe machines. Just attach a reflective sticker to the rotating part and point the red laser beam on the mark from a safe distance.

  • Sound Level Decibel Meter:

As per the IS test our Tool lathe head sound is measured by Decibel Meter and it should be up to 85 to 90 dB. In every lathe machine, it should be 85 dB and our each lathe machine noise level is under 85 dB.

  • Dial Indicator Micrometers:

Dial Indicator Micrometers is used for precise measurement of components which are done on the lathe. It’s also used to measure the apparent diameter of celestial bodies or microscopic objects.

  • Screw Thread Special Tester:

With Screw thread tester we can test the Pitch accuracy  test. One end of the tester, a dial gauge has attached and the other end a point has attached which measures screw thread.

  • Spindle Torque:

The simplest form of torque wrench consists of a long lever arm between the handle and the wrench head, made of a material which bends elastically in response to applied torque. The mechanical indicator is connected to the head of the lathe machine. Whichmeasures the torque of the machine’s spindle.

  • Amperemeter:

It is used to measures the current in a circuit is to break the circuit open and insert an “ammeter” in line with the circuit so that all electrons flowing through the circuit also have to go through the meter. When an ammeter is placed in series with a circuit, itideally drops no voltage as current goes through Lathe machine main motor.

Banka lathe is the best premium quality lathe, drill, mini lathe, milling machine manufacturer in indiaIndia. Our future depends on the dedication of individuals, to achieve one of the top charitable all gear lathe manufacturers  in the whole world.

Precision lathe machine quality demands are a must in all aspects of component manufacturing. It requires a range of processing expertise, technologies, and application to provide consolidated results to users. Innovative solutions  & approaches provide the edge to have technological advancements and necessary pace in tomorrow’s world. The lathe machines are prepared by expertise technical engineers.

System of Making :
We are using a software for making designs, patterns, and drawings, according to that we give job works at outsources. We are not manufacturing any parts on our floor because it disturbs our manufacturing schedule and wasting our time. We assembled all the assembly parts and sub-assembly parts on our floor if there any rejection in any parts that we never compromise in our quality.

In next stage when all assembly and all sub-assembly were assembled our quality control department will inspect the same, who areexpertized and skilled with years of experiences. Quality control team strictly inspect all the parts with its material, tolerance, and reference as per drawings and inspection reports.

We are using the material with 20MnCr5 or SAE 8620  grade casting in Gear, Lock Nut, Spindle which was passed through fromHardening process in pit type gas carburizing furnance with PID Controller. Machine’s Headstock has bored in WMW Boring machine and bed also passed on with flame hardening process up to 400 BHN. WMW planning machine used to make a rough cut in machine bed and after this process, it will go for finishing the process. In next step bed will pass on grinding process by METISAN USA make surface grinding machine.

Maintenance Schedule :
Our service engineers are working continuously as per their planned schedule of installation and service for your lathe machines. The main principle of maintenance schedule is to provide customer timely service and to reduce the breakdowns. We are providing service according to your usage and criticality of your lathe machine. The customer can get the benefit of free of cost maintenance and less timing consuming.

Our long experience of the machine tools business and working with thousands of machines enables our highly skilled and experienced service engineers are always ready to serve the service for their customer any time.

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No Images Accessories Description
1 01-lathe-Machine-Price Quick Change Tool Post Tool changing achieved in spilt second and make a number of extra operations possible with pre-set tools and special accessories. Guaranteed tool positioning accuracy within 0.02 mm.
2 02-Lathe-Machine-Price Centre Adopter Use to hold SS Dead Centre during turning of Between centre.
3 03-Lathe-Machine-Price Dead Centre Use when turning of Between Centre job.
4 04-Lathe-Machine-Price Change Gears The operator has to change gears often while making threads as per mentioned in thread chart.
5 05-Lathe-Machine-Price V-Belt Useful to drive motor pulley and main pulley.
6  06-Lathe-Machine-Price Allen Key Set Useful tools when maintenance required.
7 07-Lathe-Machine-Price Spanner Set with Oil Can Tools used for maintenance and operating machine.
8  08-Lathe-Machine-Price Vibration Dumping Pad It was made from rubber material and fitted on machine base.Use for anti- vibration when machine in running mode and increases the machine’s cutting capacity.
9  09-Lathe-Machine-Price Foundation Bolt Use to clutch the machine in self-position at the time of operation and maintenance.
10  10-Lathe-Machine-Price Manual Book All details are provides in this book like installation, maintenance,training and parts.
11  11-Lathe-Machine-Price L Clamp It’s useful in foundation to support the legs.
12  12-Lathe-Machine-Price Color Brush A tool to paint the machine or any other tools to repair while parts are damaged in transportation.
13 13-Lathe-Machine-Price Industrial Apron Apron wear for safety and keep the small tools in that while operating machines.
14 14-Lathe-Machine-Price Oil Funnel A tool for filling and filtering the oil which is essential for machine.
15  15-Lathe-Machine-Price Safety Glasses To protect eyes while operating machines.
16 16-Lathe-Machine-Price Slinging Belt For the safety of machines while loading and unloading the machine.
17  17-Lathe-Machine-Price Tools Bag To save all the small and big tools needed to operate machine.
18  18-Lathe-Machine-Price Machine Lamp Improve operator vision Fits oncarriage,moves, Parallel withcarriage, Essential While Bore Cutting.
19 19-Lathe-Machine-Price Carriage Stopper 4 Way [2 Kg]

Carriage Stopper 4 Way [3 Kg]

– Linear Stopper

– Stops carriage at 3 Statio

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