Coolant Fittings




SINGLE-PHASE Submersible pump (Plastic Body) & 3PH Cast Iron Immersion-Type Coolant Pump. This in-tank coolant pump is suitable replacement for many coolant pumps used on lathes, milling machines, grinders,mini lathe,drill machine and other machinery. The square-shaped mounting plate has 4 holes.A quick comparison with your coolant pump would determine if it’ll fit.Coolant output connection is NPT female 3/8″ pipe size. Shaft length (the section immersed in coolant tank) is 180mm (7″).

Features :-

  • Flexible Pipe : For Model :-34,35,40.     300 mm

For Model :- 43,50,60.    450 mm

  • Steel tank
  • Reinforced supply hose
  • Flow control valve
  • Nozzle and drain hose
  • Submersible Type Coolant Pump
  • Cost Effective
  • Increases Cutting Tool Life
  • Prevents Heating
  • Improves Accuracy


3 AccessorySuitable ModelPrice (Rs.)
Coolant Fittings Conventional [12 Kg]All Models4500

To improve tooling life and reduce job heating while heavy metal cutting.

ParticularsModel :- 34,35,40,Model :- 43,50,60
Dog Chuck 8″ [16 Kg]34, 354500
Tank Capacity18 Litres38 liters
Discharge at 2 metreLift 20 ltrs/minLift 20 ltrs/min
Voltage240V / 440V240V / 440V
Motor Power3 phase 0.15 hp3 phase 0.15 hp
Dimensions225 W x 260 H x 450 L450 W x 260 H x 450L
Weight (kg.)23 Kg.35 Kg.