Tool Post Grinding For Lathe Machine



Grinding Fitting
Wheel Size:- 6″ & 8″
Motor:- 2800 RPM
Spindle Speed:- 3000 EXT./16800 INT.
Spindle Pulley:- 2 Inch
Motor Pulley:- 2.5 Inch
  • It came with a motley assortment of the vintage cup and valve grinding/refacing stones, an additional quill with a long tapered spindle for internal grinding, and buffing (often missing from these kits), a full set of unused internal grindstones, and a spare drive belt.
  • When new, this grinder must have cost a considerable sum.
  • The motor spins at 2800 RPM and the spindle speed can be geared up or down using various diameter pulleys as required.
  • Here’s a photo of it with the internal quill mounted, to center my external chuck jaws.
  • Both the main shafts have been specially designed, and the worldwide precision bearing is used to fit the main shafts which are made of alloy steel heat-treated for high wear resistance, precision. as well as maintaining the lowest temperature for durability and stability.
  • The motor base and the spindle bushing are adjustable.
  • The motor is well designed with a special and nice appearance. The RMP of this motor varies depending on the size of the workpiece.
  • This grinder is capable of grinding the workpiece to a minimum of 3mm in outer diameter and from 2mm up in inner diameter(bore) with accuracy within 0.003mm and a wheel finished surface(supplied with special attachments)
  • The spindle bushing is made of cast iron and supported by three surfaces. Therefore, it is durable and elastic.
  • Materials such as steel, iron, copper, aluminum, cast iron, plastics, porcelain, marble, regardless of being heat treated or not, can be ground on this machine which functions lie a cylindrical grinder. So it may lower the cost of production.


Accessory Suitable Model Price (Rs.)
Grinding Fittings 6” [25 Kg] All Models 16999
Grinding Fittings 8” [26 Kg] All Models 18999