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Bandsaw machines are saws that consist of a continuous metal band it is a combination of a long and sharp blade, that rides on two wheels rotating in the same plane. Banka machine making a different type of capacity Bandsaw machines like 75mm,200mm,250mm,300mm etc for your requirements. Each grown up business buy a Bandsaw machine for its business to grow and gain high productivity work with high speed. Bandsaw machine is budget-friendly and it is a value for money machine for business.

Why Chose Banka Machine?


Banka machines are very worker-friendly design, every unknown worker easily works and operate without extra knowledge.


Banka Machines are a budget-friendly every small and start-up companies are easily afforded bandsaw machines for there company.


Banks machine give you 24*7 support so that you can easily and instantly get solution of your every question.

Bandsaw Machine Price List

Get Latest 2024 Bandsaw Machine Price List. We offer wide range of Bandsaw Machine for all budgets. Here is our Bandsaw Machine Price List. Please feel free to enquire or see the live demo via video call or physical inspection. We not just sell machines, we give complete solution from Transportation, Installation till maintenance and repair of Bandsaw machines. Banka is trusted by over 10,000 customers worldwide.

No. Bandsaw Machine Model Size Price in USD Price in INR
1  Bandsaw Machine Metal Cutting Machine 75 mm  75 mm $1323 Rs. 93,000/-
2  Bandsaw Machine Metal Cutting Machine 200mm  200 mm $1778 Rs. 1,25,000/-
3  Bandsaw Machine Metal Cutting Machine 250MM  250 mm $1977 Rs. 1,39,000/-
4  Bandsaw Machine Metal Cutting Machine 300MM  300 mm $2789 Rs. 1,96,000/-
5  Bandsaw Machine Metal Cutting Machine 350mm  350 mm $3699 Rs. 2,60,000/-
6  Double Column Semi-Automatic Horizontal Bandsaw Machine BDH-350 A  350 mm $5139 Rs. 3,61,200/-
7  Double Column Semi-Automatic Horizontal Bandsaw Machine BDH280A  280 mm $4473 Rs. 3,14,400/-
8  Double Column Semi-Automatic Horizontal Bandsaw Machine BDH200A  200 mm $3039 Rs. 2,13,600/-
9  Double Column Semi-Automatic Horizontal Bandsaw Machine BDH400A  400 mm $8093 Rs. 5,68,800/-


Bandsaw Machine Price List here is inclusive of transportation cost as well as installation cost. That is why we call it peace of mind guaranteed when buying from us.

Bandsaw Machine Price List


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