Bandsaw Cutting Machine (250mm) – Metal Cutting Machine – Pipe And Rod Cutting – High Speed Tube – Solid Steel – Model B250


  • Model Type: Semi Hydraulic Metal Cutting Bandsaw Machine
  • Category: Metal Cutting Machine / Workshop Machine
  • Colour: Blue & Grey Combo
  • Cutting capacity: 250 mm
  • Blade Size : 3000 x 27 x 0.9 (mm)
  • Electricals : 2.0 HP
  • Cutting Stroke Capacity: Round 250mm, Square 225 x 225, Casting, EN8, WTS Hard materials

Separate us from others

Use of Elecon Gear:A drive gear is the major component of every Band Saw Machine. Machine life depends on the gearbox which
we have used. We have used India’s top brand Gears in our machine. Elecon Gearbox
proves the concept
of “Fit & Forget”. We do not need to change this gear for around 15

Heavyweight:We assure you that our Heavy-Duty Bandsaw Machine’s weight is almost 150 kg more than
other bandsaw machines.Why did we assure for such weight?We put almost double support in all the main parts of our machine-like.

  • Support in Blade
  • Support in Bed/Base
  • Support in Up-down of machine

– Because of such supports our machine is a heavyweight
over other manufacturers.

Rigid Plate Construction & Heavy thickness

  • Our Bandsaw Machine was made with a rigid plate construction.
  • Generally, Manufacturers are using a 16 gauge sheet instead of a plate. But we
    have used a 3.15 mm plate in our machine so there is no worry about bending the
  • The use of such a plate prevents the machine from cracking.

Heavy thickness structure / Box-type Structure:-

bansaw-machine-features high-speed-bandsaw-machine
BANKA – With Box type Structure Others – Without Box Type Structure
  • Our machine is framed and designed with a box-type
  • Box-type structure made the machine more rigid (almost
    than another machine.

Titanium Carbide Blade :(1st fit blade)

  • We have used Titanium Carbide Blade in our Bandsaw Machine.
  • Because of this blade, all the large jobs can run without any friction and
  • One of the features of this blade is that it never heats so it can cut any hard
    material like SS.
  • Even we have used Rubber Steel Roller Bearing so there is no need to change the
    blade for a long time.

Hinge type Band Saw Machine:Hinge type Bandsaw machines are such type of machine in which machine will up down from one side
instead of two sides.
Benefits of Hinge type Bandsaw Machine:

  • In the double column bandsaw machine, we have up down machine from both sides. So when we need
    to cut the small jobs, it creates a problem. We have to continuously up down the machine because
    small jobs cut fastly.
    Ultimately it consumes more time.
  • While in this hinge type bandsaw machine we have to up-down machine from one side only so it is
    easier for the operator in small size job cutting.

UC Critical Bearing Alignment:

  • We have used a self-alignment pram or block bearing in our machine.
  • As there is an auto-alignment option, it prevents the machine from
  • Because of this option, the machine up-down works smoothly and without any hurdles.

Hydraulic Cylinder :

  • Mass production and high accuracy depend on the effectiveness of hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic
  • The life of Blade also depends on the hydraulic pressure of the machine.
  • We have used a Horn tube in our hydraulic system, which is not given by other manufacturers.

What is the benefit of a Horn tube in a Hydraulic System?

  • Horn tube is a major part of a hydraulic system that is filled with oil for high
    It consistently gives pressure.
  • With the help of the horn tube, job cutting will be the same from top to bottom.
  • There is no chance of variation and defects in the job. You will get the same cutting.

Self Centering Vice:Our Bandsaw Machine was fitted with extra heavy-duty self-centering vice.
Why is our Self Centering Vice three times better than other
SG Iron Casting (Ductile Cast Iron) :Sometimes when we are cutting jobs like gear, crank, fork, etc. at that time, there are some chances to
crack the vice. But our self-centering vice is made with SG iron cast material. There is no chance of
cracking.38mm hard chrome column plate with EN-8 material:

We are using a 38 mm hard chrome column plate with EN-8 Material in a self-centering vice.

Why does it need to chrome?

  • Because Coolant water continuously falls to this plate. So to protect from such water we need to
    chrome it.
  • Hard chroming also increases load-carrying capacity and reduces the chance to wear.

29 Degree acme thread with hard chrome:

We use 29-degree acme thread with hard chrome for vice. So it prevents coolant water flow and increases
loading capacity while we are cutting jobs like forks, gears, etc.

Reduce Wastages:

Most bandsaw machine cuts it’s the last job around 100-150 mm long and remains unusual. So remaining
material becomes wastage, but because of such big self-centering vice, we can cut the last job till 25
mm. We can utilize
the material optimally.