Micrometer -Two Peace Set: 0 To 25mm / 25 To 50mm


UNBRAND TWO PEACE SET: RANGE : 0 TO 25mm / 25 TO 50mm WEIGHT – 450 APPROX USE : The spindle is a very accurately machined screw and the object to be measured is placed between the spindle and the anvil. The spindle is moved by turning the ratchet knob or thimble until the object to be measured is lightly touched by both the spindle and the anvil.Micrometers are also used in telescopes or microscopes to measure the apparent diameter of celestial bodies or microscopic objects.


The micrometer is a precision measuring instrument, used by engineers. Each revolution of the rachet moves the spindle face 0.5mm towards the anvil face. The object to be measured is placed between the anvil face and the spindle face. The rachet is turned clockwise until the object is ‘trapped’ between these two surfaces and the rachet makes a ‘clicking’ noise. This means that the rachet cannot be tightened any more and the measurement can be read.

  • Read the scale on the sleeve. The example clearly shows12 mm divisions.
  • Still reading the scale on the sleeve, a further ½ mm (0.5) measurement can be seen on the bottom half of the scale. The measurement now reads 12.5mm.
  • Finally, the thimble scale shows 16 full divisions (these are hundredths of a mm).
  • Easy to use and read, the proffered  Micrometer is acquired from our reliable vendors.
  • Vastly used by engineers, these efficient micrometers are precision measuring instruments in which the ratchet moves the spindle face, 0.5mm towards the anvil face.
  • Moreover, the object to be measured is kept in between the anvil face and the spindle face.

The final measurement is 12.5mm + 0.16mm = 12.66

  • Size :- 0-25 mm
  • Accuracy:-  0.01 mm
  • Differentiate power:-  0.01 mm
  • Maximum measurement speed:-  1 mm
  • Easy to use
  • Accurate measurement
  • Corrosion resistant


Accessory Suitable Model Price (Rs.)
Micrometer -TWO PEACE SET: 0 TO 25 mm / 25 TO 50 mm All Models 2999


Digital Micrometer:

Protection level IP54 N Absolute measurement N Carbide-tipped measuring faces N Digital Resolution to 0,001 mm/0.00005 in N Micrometer head resolution to 0,01 mm/0.0001 in N Sizes over 25 mm/1 in include a setting standard N Ratchet friction thimble and locking nut N Delivered in a plastic case with inspection report

This digital micrometer accurately measures items to one ten-thousandth of an inch. With just a simple turn of the spindle, you can view the thickness of your material on the easy-to-read display. The 0-1 in. digital micrometer features an anti-glare satin finish and comes in a padded wood storage case.

  • Clearly marked graduations
  • Accurate to 0.0001 in.
  • Hardened and ground spindle with carbide anvil
  • Anti-glare satin finish