Lathe Pipe Center



  • It’s used for the center in the bore of a pipe
  • Securely supports the working job
  • Material like Thin-walled
  • Size: MT-3 MT-4,MT-5
  • Weight: 2 Kg. (Approx).


  • SIZE: MT-3
  • 40 TO 75
  • Weight: 2 Kg. (Approx).


Accessory Suitable Model Price (Rs.)
Tail Stock Pipe Center MT-3 34, 35, 40 2500
Tail Stock Pipe Center MT-4 43, 50, 60 3000


  • It’s used for a center in the bore of a pipe or other workpiece with a large interior diameter.
  • The workpiece remains concentric that the pipe center ensures.
  • The main advantage is that it securely supports the working job.
  • Material like Thin-walled, such as pipes easily collapses if excessive force is used at the chuck end.