All Gear Radial Drill BANKA IR- 50R- With Hydraulic System


  • Drilling Capacity: 50 mm
  • Spindle Travel: 315 mm
  • Spindle Taper: MT-5
  • Spindle Speed: 25-2000 RPM
  • Column Diameter : – 350 mm
  • Max. Mini. Distance Spindle center to column center: 1600/350 mm
  • Horizontal Movement of drilling Head: 1250 mm
  • Max.Mini Distance Spindle Nose of base plate: 1270/370 mm
Operating Instructions:

BANKA IR 50MM-  Z3050 × 16 / I -type radial drilling operations function mainly handles, buttons, etc. All focused on the headstock face version, very easy to operate the machine. Exterior columns driven rotary arm ± 180 Degrees
Rocker can easily lift along the outer column. Headstock along the rocker rails and move around. The machine has three adopted “Diamond Block Clamping “ mechanisms, rocker by lifting the top of the column drive motor through the screw nut achieved. The lifting nut rocker is equipped to ensure that the insurance can not suddenly fall nut, the clamping arm is a hydraulically driven diamond block to achieve, after clamping, Diamond block self-locking.

Rocker Automatic Locking and Release:

Rise or fall when the rocker arm clamping automatic release. After the arm is up or down, mounted on the clamping cylinder at the electrical switch control, the Automatic Locking Arm. Lubrication between the rocker arm and the column pump is automatically provided by the clamping arm lubrication.

Headstock And Column Clamping:

Headstock and column clamping blocks are clamped hydraulically driven diamonds. Two actions can be carried out simultaneously or separately, by the headstock selection button on the panel to achieve. The machine is Controlled by PLC Programmable controller, with reliable and stable performance.

Headstock speed: 

Headstock gear by hydraulic control system, hydraulic preselection speed, easy operation, wide speed range, to meet the needs of a variety of parts machining.

Advanced Technology: 

Body casting resin sand casting process used, the column using advanced centrifugal casting. Ensure that the basis of superior quality wood pieces. Rocker rails use frequency quenching and grinding using imported equipment, to ensure accuracy. Gears made ​ ​ Of special high-quality steel, carburized hardening, and high-precision grinding machine grinding to achieve high hardness, high wear resistance, and low noise.


  • There is a wiper on the column
  • Hydraulic lock system
  • There is an adjustment given in the auto feed as if the drill is drilled in the depth, then the machine stops automatically.
  • Machine weight 3500 KG
  • The liver hydraulic system is given
  • The automatic system is provided for speed feed and liver feed
  • Lubrication Pump Oil Provided, One Shot Lubrication System
  • A coolant pump is provided at the base of the machine
  • The machine lamp is good quality
  • When the pillar is up and down, the oil is done automatically.


Particulars BANKA IR 50-MM BANKA IR 60-MM
Drilling Capacity 50mm 63mm
Tapping Capacity M36 M42
Boring Capacity 120mm 150mm
Taper in Spindle MT5 MT5
Spindle Travel 315mm 400mm
Number of Spindle Speeds 16 16
Range of Spindle Speeds 25-2000rpm 20-1600rpm
Number of Spindle Auto Feeds 16 16
Range of Spindle Auto Feeds 0.04-3.20mm/rev. 0.04-3.20mm/rev.
Drill Head & Column Locking Hydraulic Hydraulic
Arm Lenght 1770mm 2000mm
Travel of Drill Head 1250mm 1550mm
Drilling Radius Min./Max. 525/1775mm 675/2275mm
Dist. Spindle Axis and Column. 350/1600mm 450/2000mm
Dist. Spindle and Base Plate 320/1220mm 450/1650mm
Diameter od Column 350mm 450mm
Box Table Size 630 x 500 x 500mm 630 x 800mm
Number Of T Slots Box Table 5 7
Size in T Slots in Box Table 22mm 22mm
Power Supply of Main Motor 5HP 7.5HP
Power Supply of Elevating Motor 2.5HP 2.5HP
Length x Width x Height 2500 x 1070 x 2550 mm 3080 x 1250 x 3245 mm
Next Weight 3500Kgs. 7300Kgs.

The machine is widely used to drill, enlarge holes, ream, countersinkingandtapping on medium-large size cast iron and steel.
Warning: Do not process flammable and explosive metal, e.g. purealuminium and magnesium, etc.

Hydraulic system of machine consists of control organ and clamporgan.
Control valve and preelection valve are installed at the top of headstock. Spindle speed preelection valve and feed preelection valve are six-wayturningvalve of 16-bit, each valve controls four differential motion oil cylinder torealize16-step speed change. Control valve is 5-bit and six-way turning valve, whichcontrols clockwise oil cylinder, counter-clockwise oil cylinder, speedoil cylinder,neutral oil cylinder, brake oil cylinder.

High pressure oil enters preelection valve to push every speed changeoil cylinder, which drives shifting gear to change speed; High pressure oil entersclockwise oil cylinder through eyelet during the speed change simultaneously;because the oil cylinder’s area is different (clockwise cylinder’s area is biggerthan counter-clockwise cylinder’s area),which causes the shifting forkpushthefriction disk to push clockwise friction disk a little force, then the transmissionchain can be started.

Standard Accessories:

  • Box Table
  • Coolant System
  • Machine Lamp
  • Drill Chuck with Arbor
  • Reduction Sleeve
  • Wedge
  • Tool Box
  • Instruction Manual
  • Foundation Bolt