Cross Slide Rotating


Cross Slide

Size:- 300 x 200 mm

T Slot:- 13 mm

Wheel Graduation (in inches):- 0.002

Height overall:- 120 mm

Length overall:- 510 mm

Travel Both ways:- 200 x 125 mm

  • The T-Slots are machined from Solid.
  • Equipped with two-axis positioning.
  • Dovetailed slides have adjustable steel gibs to compensate for wear.
  • The surface table can swivel all around and 0° is marked to show the angular movement.
  • The base has bolt slots for machine mounting.
  • These precision built standard slide tables are essential for accurate boring drilling, grinding, and milling operations
  • Casting is the close Grey Iron dully stress relieved accurately machined and the ground surface provides tolerance well within 0.01 MM / 100 MM.
  • The top surface of the table has two equally spaced cross T-Slots.
Size in inches 12×8
Table Size (in mm ) 300×200
Height overall (in mm) 120
Length overall (in mm) 510
T-Slot Size (in mm) 13
Travel Both ways (in mm) 200×125
Sliding Travel (in mm)
Swivel Graduation 360°
708 Jaws Width (in mm) 105
708 Jaws Depth (in mm) 45
Wheel Graduation (in inches) .002
Weight (app. in Kgs) 40