Why is Cone Pulley Lathe seen only in India? क्यों कौन पुली लेथ मशीन सिर्फ इंडिया में ही दिखता है?

Which Lathe machine we should select Gear-driven or Pulley Belt driven?

It affects your electrical expense, manpower, and space-saving. A spindle is the main part of a machine. Gear Drive is a compact option that takes less space from your machine shop. Gear drive allows more torque to the spindle of your machine.

Your electrical expenditure is going to increase day-to-day so we should select a machine that will reduce our electrical expansion in the coming days. 

The gear drive machine gives the operator a nice feeling because its spindle gets more torque. Your new machine will work for the next 15 years. 

It is necessary to see how much money he will save you in the next 15 years.

Banka is the best brand in Gear’s design.