What is special about this Drilling Cum Milling machine? यह ड्रिलिंग कम मिलिंग मशीन में क्या खास बात है?

Banka Machine always tries to provide more convenience to their customers . Rising with thought Banka has come up with a Banka 25 mm Drilling cum milling machine . Why people choose this Drilling cum milling machine and what are some features and point to remember of the machine is given below–

Banka 25mm drilling cum milling machine has come up with a new and a bit different colour combination.
Supporting knobs on every lever wheel are provided for the convenience of your operator while rotating the lever.

Two stoppers are also given at the slide as when you’ll work with the jaw these stoppers will collide and will give you accurate size even when you’re making keyways

What is the importance of fine feed in Milling Cum Drilling? In a Milling Cum Drilling Machine, how does fine feed work? मिलिंग कम ड्रिलिंग में फाइन फीड का क्या महत्व है?मिलिंग कम ड्रिलिंग मशीन में, फाइन फीड कैसे काम करता है?

  • To make a normal hole you can rotate the lever manually.
  • But for a better finish, you should go for Fine feed.
  • A motor inserted, makes the machine work at auto-feed and saves your time which gets consumed while rotating the lever manually.

In this milling cum drilling machine, how is the cross slide?
यह मिलिंग कम ड्रिलिंग मशीन में, क्रॉस स्लाइड कैसी है?

  • On the slide, an extra gripping handle is also given which holds the pipe more precisely, rightly and tightly.
  • You should lock it and then use it may shiver when you open it.

What is the function of a chuck plate in a milling cum drilling machine?Why is thread provided in this milling cum drilling machine spindle?
मिलिंग कम ड्रिलिंग मशीन में चक प्लेट का क्या कार्य है?यह मिलिंग सह ड्रिलिंग मशीन स्पिंडल में थ्रेड क्यों प्रदान की जाती है?

  • You know that you can put a drill chuck at the drilling parts but besides that, with the given chuck plate you can use cutters too.

  • People may use this kind of resemblance for zip fidget and feel very convenient while working.
  • For this kind of work this threaded spindle is given.

  • A locking system has also been provided.

Banka 25mm drilling cum milling machine is a complete machine for the production rising and to provide convenience to your operators.

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