Which lathe to buy? If you can't decide, then definitely watch this video. कौन सा लेथ खरीदें? निर्णय ना कर पाए तो यह विडियो जरूर देखे।

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If you are confused What are the parameters of buying a Lathe machine, which kind of Lathe machine is suitable then the Banka machine has come with its solution. Banka Machine’s YouTube channel has such a video.

What is the difference between All Gear Lathe and Cone Pulley Lathe? ऑल गियर लेथ और कॉन पुल्ली लेथ में क्या फर्क है?
• Lathe which is equipped with All Geared Headstock is easy to operate as there is no manual slip of Belt from one step to any other.

Cone Pulley needs manual Inputs and is the oldest kind of Lathe machine

• Coming at lower RPM in a cone pulley machine demands extra effort.
All geared Lathe is more efficient than cone pulley.

How many RPMs are required to do threading work above the lathe machine? लेथ मशीन के ऊपर थ्रेडिंग काम करने के लिए कितने आर पि एम् की जरुरत होती है?
Threading always requires low RPM.

How All Gear Lathe Saves Operator’s Time? आल गियर लेथ कैसे ऑपरेटर का टाइम बचाता है?
All Geared Lathe is suitable for easily executing high-end tasks and powerful machining jobs.

• It provides total freedom for effectively cutting and drilling tough metals.
• This machine provides top-quality results and has applications in various heavy industries.

Why is time wasted in the cone pulley lathe? कॉन पुल्ली लेथ में टाइम क्यों वेस्ट होता है?
• Buying a Cone Pulley Lathe machine due to low budget is understandable but not purchasing an All Geared Lathe machine just because you don’t want high RPM can waste your operator’s time as it takes more time to set it at lower RPM. Bringing down the cone pulley at low RPM is a difficult task.

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