Split Sleeve (Taps)


TAP SIZE : M12,M14,M16,M18,M20,M24

TAP SIZE : M12,M16,M18,M20,M24,M27,M30

  • Available In Size: Mt 3-5, 4-6
  • Suitable For Lathe Headstock Spindles
  • Made From Case-Hardened Alloy Steel
  • Precision Ground. Runout 0.015 Mm Max
  • Made From High-Quality Steel And Properly Heat-Treated
  • Made From Best Quality Spring Steel En-47 & Approximately Hardened
  • Drill Chuck Loses Their Accuracy Over A Period Of Time But Split Sleeves Retain Their Accuracy For Life
  • Square On-Tap Shank Engages With The Broached Square Hole In The Tap Driver For A Positive Drive Of The Tap 
  • Using Split Sleeves For Drills Straight Shank Drills Can Be Used With Almost The Same Accuracy As The Taper Shank Drills
  • The Split Sleeves Can Be Used In Conjunction With The Quick Change Chucks For Non-Reversible Tapping As Well As Drilling Using Straight Shank Drills
  • Furthermore, There Is No Positive Drive In Drill Chucks. The Drive Slot Of Split Sleeves Offers A Positive Drive Which Prevents The Slippage Of Taps (& Drills) As In Case Of Drill Chucks