KEYWAY Attachment (4 INCH CHUCK)


  • 4-inch Chuck (100 mm)
  • 3 Phase Motor
  • Wooden Box Packing
  • Easy Installation
  • Steady and Rigid Construction
  • Fitted with Self-Centering Chuck
  • Up and Down Center Adjustment
  • Single Piece casting For Vibration Performance

A keyway attachment for a 4-inch chuck typically refers to a specialized tool or device used in machining operations to cut keyways into shafts or other cylindrical parts. Here’s a breakdown of what this might entail:

1. Chuck Size: The “4-inch chuck” specifies the chuck diameter, which is part of the machine tool (like a lathe) that holds the workpiece securely in place. In this case, it’s 4 inches in diameter.

2. Keyway Attachment: This attachment is designed to be mounted onto the chuck or the machine tool itself. It allows for the precise cutting of keyways. Keyways are slots cut into shafts to accommodate keys (rectangular metal pieces) that prevent relative rotation between the shaft and a mounted part such as a gear or pulley.

3. Functionality: The keyway attachment for a chuck will typically include mechanisms for positioning and securing the workpiece precisely, ensuring the keyway is cut to the correct dimensions and alignment.

4. Usage: Machinists use keyway attachments to produce accurate keyways efficiently, which is crucial in manufacturing components like gears, pulleys, and couplings that require secure mechanical connections.

5. Considerations: When using such attachments, factors like the material of the workpiece, cutting speed, and dimensions of the keyway (width and depth) must be carefully controlled to achieve desired results.

In summary, a keyway attachment for a 4-inch chuck is a tool used in machining to create precise slots (keyways) in cylindrical parts, ensuring secure and accurate mechanical connections in various industrial applications.