Bhagavatula Charitable Trust I.T.I. always trusts on BANKA.

We are having an ITI college in Haripuram. In 2014, Government has changed the syllabus, as per that we required a lathe machine for student training purpose.

Our Principal Mr. Suresh contacted to our nearest ITI to get a reference. We have got a reference from that ITI. We went there and seen BANKA’s Machine. We liked it and satisfied so we inquired and discussed with BANKA. But we found high price than other suppliers. But because of such reference, we agreed and ordered one machine in 2014. Inspection team came from Delhi for inspection and successfully approved the machine.

Next year, as per our requirement, we have decided to purchase one more lathe machine. We have purchased that machine from Delhi because of lower price than BANKA. But it was not as per our required and also not as per our ITI syllabus. The inspection team also rejected the machine. Because supplier dispatched the simple cone pulley lathe machine instead of All geared Lathe Machine. It was totally fraud. We are not satisfied with the machine and supplier’s services.

Again, we inquired and ordered 1 all geared lathe machine to BANKA. BANKA has also given 10% more discounted because of the repeat order. Finally, we have received the machine and successfully inspected by the inspection team.

After the experience with that Delhi supplier, we ensure that BANKA’s price will be high than other suppliers, but they always provide premium products with committed after sales services.
In future also We will always trust on BANKA and preferred them only.