Manipal Instruments really appreciate whole BANKA team, the way they helped me and guide me.

My name is Mr. Ramesh Acharya. I have a very small experience in tool room workshop. For that purpose, I wanted to purchase a Lathe Machine. I asked to my village friend Mr. Udupa (Amrita Engineering) for such machine. Mr. Udupa is already using BANKA’s Machine since 2008 and he is satisfied with  BANKA’s Machine so he suggested me to purchase Banka Machine.

So I had directly inquired about machine to BANKA. I have discussed all the things and decided to purchase the machine in 2015. But because of fund problems, I have purchased it in 2016. Due to Fluctuation, a price was also high in 2016 then I got the quotation in 2015. But considering me as an old customer, they offered me the machine in the old price only. I liked it and appreciate it.


As I have very few experience and knowledge in the machine, I trusted on BANKA and Amrita Engineering and purchase a machine. Banka team fully guided me. As and when the machine arrived at my premises, Installation engineer of BANKA came here and successfully install the machine. He stayed over here for 2 days and fully trained me about machine and its operations.


I was shocked and surprised after such amazing service without any knowledge. After such guidance and training, I never felt that I have less experience.  I am very much happy with the installation and after sales services of BANKA.


Not only this, I am feeling proud to say that I also recommend BANKA to my another friend and he discussed with BANKA and he also purchased the machine from there.


At last, I promise that I will never forget BANKA’s service and guidance given by its installation engineer.
I am very much thankful to Amrita Engineering and whole BANKA Team.