Jeet Enterprise’s first choice will be always BANKA

I have started a small tool room workshop in Nagda, M.P. before 10 years. I have 2 lathe machines purchased from Punjab. Slowly and gradually, as per my requirement, I decided to purchase some more machines. In the starting phase, I have very less experience to purchase machines. I was confused in selection of potential product and reputed buyer.

Meanwhile, I contacted BANKA Machine. I discussed and inquired my requirement. BANKA team understood my requirement very well and suggested me some models. Still, I was confused in selection of simple lathe machine and All geared Lathe machine. So I contacted a technical team of Banka and discussed some queries. They guided me in a right way.

Finally, I decided to purchase one All geared lathe machine, BANKA-43 Gladiator. I received machine within 15 days with free transportation cost and with all the required standard accessories. As per their commitment, Installation engineer also visited my workshop within 3 days of machine received. Engineer installed machines and also guide me and my technical person all the things. We are very happy and satisfied with that first lathe machines.

From that day only, we have decided to purchase all the workshop machines from BANKA machines. After that machine, we have purchased some more machine like Slotting Machine, Hacksaw Machine, BANKA 60-2500 etc.  from BANKA. We didn’t even inquire to other suppliers. My technical team also prefers BANKA Machine only.

What I and my team feels and observed from BANKA machine is that purpose of  BANKA people is not only to sell machines in any way rather they understand customer’s requirement easily, guide them in a right way keep in mind their requirement.

I am very much happy to share I learned many things from BANKA. Even today also I and my team have a very strong and healthy relationship with whole BANKA Team. They always direct us in a right way.

Jeet enterprise


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