BANKA Mini Lathe Machine (Bench Lathe)

Located in Gujarat (India), we BANKA Machines are leading worldwide manufacturer and supplier of meticulous Industrial Machines. Our unit comprises of fully integrated facilities to serve our customers that triggered our continuous growth since many decades. With ‘One Stop Mall’ approach, we deliver products to meet every standard and customized demand of our customers. BANKA Machines offer elite level of technology to offer competitive price along with valuable after-sales services. We present varied products like Pillar Drill, Radial Drill, Slotting Machine, Bandshaw Machine, Milling Machine, Lathe Machine and other industrial machines.




  • A Lathe Machine is a tool which is used for cutting, polishing, pattern-knurling, drilling, etc. This process is carried out on a workpiece with the help of tools attached to Lathe Machine having symmetrical rotation about an axis. Mini Lathe Machine is a miniature version of Lathe Machine.


  • BANKA Mini Lathe Machine sets model illustration in terms of compatibility of our machines. Our expert engineers have poured all their expertise and experience to create a Miniature format of Lathe Machine. The superior torque of the motors enables finer results during the operations on a workpiece. The headstock is replaced by the direct belt drive in BANKA Mini Lathe Machine delivering excellent outcome.


  • Small is beautiful. This miniature of Industrial Lathe Machine serves an extensive support for shaping up wood, plastics and other materials. BANKA Mini Lathe Machine is a very handy tool especially when accurate dimensions are required on the workpiece. It carries speed ranging from 40 to 2050 RPM. It is noteworthy to mention BANKA Mini Lathe Machine has complied with all International Standards.