Advantages BANKA Mini Lathe Machine (Bench Lathe)

A Lathe Machine is a tool which is used for cutting, polishing, pattern-knurling, drilling, etc. This process is carried out on a workpiece with the help of tools attached to Lathe Machine having symmetrical rotation about an axis. Mini Lathe Machine is a miniature version of Lathe Machine.


  • The slideways of BANKA Mini Lathe Machine are coated with Turcite-B which checks corrosion and ensures smooth stirring of machinery parts ultimately boosting the life of the product.


  • It consists of Auto Feed Mini Gear Box that assists in eliminating labour-intensive turning of hand wheel which in turn decreases manual operations. This aids to cost-effectiveness of a machine.


  • BANKA Mini Lathe Machine holds properties like Compressive Strength, Elastic Modulus, Heat Bearing Capacity, Thermal Conductivity and other such characteristics as it is made from 25 Graded Casting.


  • Application of this machine is directly proportionate to economisation as being low cost miniature model, acquiring less space comparatively and perfectly suited for small pocket budget.


  • We will provide a set of service tools along with the machine. Also, one set of Reducing Sleeves will be presented.


  • Banka Machine provides free installation to all its customers within India.


  • The spares and parts will be supplied on demand.


  • We at BANKA Machines assure you for the delivery in 30 working days.


  • We also offer you affordable EMI options for the purchase of BANKA Mini Lathe Machine (Bench Lathe).


  • Purchase return can be done within 15 days of Installation.


  • A prompt refund will be made in the case of return.


  • After sales services will be provided faultless for the visit being carried out twice a year.