Why Vibration Pad neede in a Lathe Machine? - लेथ मशीन में वाइब्रेशन पैड लगाना क्यों जरूरी है?

There are many parts inside the chuck Vibration increases if it is unbalanced. It is a loss in our routing production. In the same way today, I am explaining that the vibration of this vibration pad is reduced which increases the vibration on our machine
How is that checked Like how much loss we have in production See, the machine will start at the highest RPM And this is the meter of vibration We have removed the rubber Vibration pad If we see the rubber removed between the pieces, then how much vibration will be available here Vibration is getting here around 1.5 So I believe that all most double I suggest that when you are cutting At that time, cutting is a vibration The machine will be able to cut the maximum cut of the rubber pad. Will get less vibration In the no-load condition, I showed how much difference.

1) मशीन में वाइब्रेशन को कैसे चेक करे ?
How to check the vibration in the machine?

Start your machine at the highest RPM and put a vibration meter on it. The meter will indicate the amount of vibration occurring.

2) मशीन में वाइब्रेशन किसकी वजह से आता है ?
What causes the vibration in the machine?

There are many parts inside the chuck and if they get unbalanced it causes vibration in our machine which gives us loss in our routine production.

3) मशीन में कंपन को रोकने के लिए क्या करें?
What to do to prevent vibration in the machine?

When you measure the vibration of your machine it will come up at a measurement of 1.5 but if you will insert rubber pads at the legs of the machine that will resist the vibration and will give a measurement of 0.7,0.6 or 0.8 in no-load conditions.

Change the vibration pad every 2 years this will benefit you in your production.