Why should signmax group prefer all the machines from BANKA only?

We Signmax group is dealing in the field of advertising materials, promotional gifts, exhibitions work etc. To renovate and expand our tool room workshop, we have decided to purchase some machines and instruments.

For this purpose,  we have decided to visit India and especially Rajkot-Gujarat.  Our most preference were to purchase all the machines and instruments from one place.  So we have visited  BANKA where we have shown their manufacturing plant, live machine assembly, raw material they use in the machine, semi-finished goods, live machine demo, ready machine stock, a big storeroom, their packing style.

At one site, we have also observed skill level of their technical team. All the technical staff is expert at their level. We also visited their various associates for other products like Shaping Machine, Welding Machine, Drilling cum milling Machine, small & big instruments etc. Even we noticed their associates manufacturing plant and their product quality.

A very big and important thing, we have observed that the purpose to offer all the workshop machine from BANKA is not to earn a big profit and to make a big turnover. It is just to provide a kind of exclusive services to a customer for their convenience and cost minimization. BANKA Machine is not only offering other associate’s products, they are also taking a big risk on behalf of their associates to fulfill their commitment and customer satisfaction.

We have inspected machines two times, we had noticed a relationship between BANKA and their associate, their shipping agent, their vendor etc was not only good rather it was very transparent and kind.

Behalf of Signmax group, we will never forget their accommodation and other hospitality for us. Response and reply given by the whole BANKA team were very kind and prompt during our whole visit.