Why all workshop Machines from BANKA?

Here we have tried to specify that how BANKA deals with their associates and helps their customers.

1) Crowd of Manufacturers:

Banka is the crowd of Manufacturers. We have an association with most reputed machine manufacturers.

Banka is not a trader, but it is a machine manufacturer where we try to connect our customers and our associate together. Our primary purpose for this association is to attract our customer towards the best manufacturers.

We always help our associates to make their product more accurate. For that purpose we suggest them to use the latest technology like CAD software for designing of machines.

Sometimes our reputed customers get confusion regarding their quality, products design, delivery time, etc. while doing business with small manufacturers. So we try to provide the solution for the same.

Since last 40 years, we have established an excellent reputation and relations with local manufacturers.

2) Only one manufacturer:

Here, there is only one manufacturer for one particular product, so manufacturers have the long-term benefit to supply their products through Banka. We do not entertain those customers who need cheap and lower quality products.

We become an expert in our associate’s products after long term; so it helps our customers and us while they need spares & supports.

Because of our local present in Rajkot, we get real control over our manufacturers in the area of inspection.

3) Benefits of actual Product:

Customer gets long time benefit of the actual product of Manufacturer with the help of BANKA.

4) No hide,no fraud:

We directly introduce the customers to our original Manufacturer without any hiding. We also show off our manufacturers floor and their production system to our visiting clients who wants to know production system and mechanism.

5) Upgradation of Small Manufacturer:

We are always trying to upgrade our small Manufacturer in the case of their production system, packing material, etc. Also, we suggest modernization in their business.

6) 100%Customer Satisfaction – BANKA’s Future Currency

Banka is one platform where we give more importance to our associates and customers instead of profit. We believe our satisfied customers is our ultimate currency.

7) A strong association :

Here, All the Manufacturers meets once in a month.

  • They discuss regarding:
  • How to help more to our customers regarding fraud in quality, misguide by machinery dealers.
  • How to capture more market so customers can buy BANKA products economically.

As we are one of the leading and old Manufacturer of machinery, we can understand our manufacturer’s queries and try to provide the solution at our best level.

8) A Strong Return Policy :

Major issue

Nowadays, most of the people make mistakes in the selection of right machines according to their job and work. They purchase wrong machines in the hurry. After some days they realise their mistakes during installations.
In such a situation, to return such machine is last option. So customers decide to do it. But most machinery traders refused to take the return.

Banka tries to solve this major issue.

Role of BANKA:

BANKA takes the machine to return from customers and return it to our manufacturers and gives 100% refund. We bear reverse transport cost also.

Why Manufacturers/ Associates have trust on Banka?

  • They are connected with BANKA since last 40 years
  • Banka is not only selling the machines but it also famous for their after sales like successful transportation and installation on customer’s floor.
  • BANKA never cheat any customers regarding quality, price, after sales support.
  • BANKA entertain only those clients who have years of experience in such field. We can easily identify the customers who are newer in this industries.
  • BANKA always stands with their customer either it’s a small query or its related to replacement or return.