What Is Slotting Machine

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Slotting Machines, which are also called ‘slotters’ are basically cutting machines. Such machines are used to cut grooves and slots in definite shape and making holes over metals and woods. Over and above this, it also does smoothing the worked surface. The blades are placed vertically and are powered on workpiece.

  • Slotting machine is often used as a ‘vertical shaper’ where cuts are made with vertically imposed blades over workpiece and the machine helps the metal or wood to move to-and-fro in order to make uniform cuts over a workpiece.
  • BANKA Machines has injected a whole new level of technology among Slotting Machines with the introduction of BANKA Slotting Machine – 6 which grants dazzling speed and accuracy standards on account of its unique features. facilitates metal piece to mortise and groove shapes which are hard-to-reach, slanted or straight in inner surface or outer surface.
  • BANKA Slotting Machine – 6 holds the characteristic of easy operation as it undergoes recti-linear motion and circular motion with cyclic shifting of the table upon which workpiece is fastened.
  • BANKA Slotting Machine – 6 possesses long life with its efficient in-built system along with its high precision as worthy attribute. The Rigidity of BANKA Slotting Machine – 6 awards BANKA Machines an edge over others. BANKA Slotting Machine – 6 has acquired 1440 RPM and sets fit to International Standards.