Advantages Of Banka Bandsaw Machine

Bandsaw Machine Advantages ,Bandsaw Machines are used for metal cutting and wood working. Bandsaw Machine uses its blade mounted over two wheels on the same plane, which cuts a variety of workpieces. It helps in producing uniform action of cutting thatresults in evenly distributed pieces. Irreguar or curved shapes are transformed into straight cut with application of this machine.

  • BANKA’s Bandsaw Machine is semi-automatic, operator friendly and time saving as it possesses 1440 RPM.
  • It is Cost-effective with its high speed and accuracy supported by in-built hydraulic technology with Semi-Automatic functionality.
  • BANKA’s Bandsaw Machine is able-bodied for smooth cutting of workpiece. Affixation of Elecon Gear makes it predominant for cutting metal, wooden and other workpieces.
  • We will provide a set of service tools along with the machine. Also, one set of Reducing Sleeves will be presented.
  • Banka Machine provides free installation to all its customers within India.
  • We at BANKA Machines assure you for the delivery in 10 to 15 working days.
  • We also offer you affordable EMI options for the purchase of BANKA’S Bandsaw Machine.
  • Purchase return can be done within 15 days of Installation.
  • A prompt refund will be made in the case of return.
  • After sales services will be provided faultless for the visit being carried out twice a year.