What Is Banka's Lathe Mill Combo Machine

Our highest aspiration is for the products at BANKA Machines to fully satisfy the customers’ requirements and make a measurable contribution to their success. For a customer, this means greater efficiency resulting in higher profits. Decades of experiences in addition to close collaboration with customers have provided BANKA Machines with the necessary know-how to offer user-friendly and practice-oriented top products.

Lathe Machine :

A lathe machine is used to cut workpiece or material which is cylindrical and with the stroke over it makes a hole in the centre of material. The material is firmly fixed by the chuck of a lathe machine.

Milling Machine :

Milling is a process to remove material from a workpiece. This is done by using cutters which rotates and moves in an angle with the alignment of the tool.

Drilling Machine :

The process to cut into solid materials to make a hole into it using drill bit is called Drilling. It also includes enlarging hole of circular cross-section into a workpiece. Pressure is being exerted on a Drill bit contrary to workpiece and rotated in the speed computed in thousands of Rotation Per Minute (RPM).




  • Lathe, Milling and Drilling are the key processes in the field of tools and machinery. BANKA Lathe Mill Combo Machine is a classic example of all at once. It can be said that BANKA Lathe Mill Combo Machine is one stop mall for all your Lathe, Milling and Drilling requirements. It makes BANKA Machines stand tall above other competitors for our products that are backed by its special features.


  • BANKA Lathe Mill Combo Machine has high precision provided that it is made from standard parts and accessories. It has Auto Feed Mini Gear Box that trims down human effort. It is coated with Turcite – B which prevents corrosion, Jamming, Skidding and hence boosts the efficiency of the machine. BANKA Lathe Mill Combo Machine is very economic tool as it has digital display along with auto feed that saves time and effort which means less human intervention and thereby dropping labour overheads. These features make it operator-friendly unlike to conventional machineries that heavily relied on manual system.


  • BANKA Lathe Mill Combo Machine has an electric motor of 3 Horse Power that is compatible to process large pieces comparatively. It also ensures longer life of machine with less wear and tear. BANKA Lathe Mill Combo Machine has matched all sets of International Standards. It has the highest speed of 2800 RPM. Combining three machines all at once gives the best value with optimum productivity in the form of BANKA Lathe Mill Combo Machine. The adaptability of this machine is expressed with the technology of automatic functions and digital read out assisting precise cutting and other operations.