Original price was: ₹90,000.Current price is: ₹85,000.

MODEL:- M3-M16

POWER:- 220V/600W

SPEED:- 0-312 RPM



An electrical tapping machine is a specialized tool used for creating internal threads in a workpiece. It utilizes an electric motor to drive a tap, making the process faster and more efficient than manual tapping. Here are some key features and uses:


1. Electric Drive: The machine is powered by electricity, providing consistent speed and torque.
2. Adjustable Speed: Many models offer adjustable speeds to suit different materials and tap sizes.
3. Automatic Feed: Some machines include automatic feed systems to simplify the tapping process.
4. Compact Design: Often designed to be portable and easy to set up in various work environments.
5. Safety Features: Includes mechanisms to prevent overloading and protect the operator.


1. Thread Creation: Used for making internal threads in various materials, including metals and plastics.
2. Production Work: Ideal for high-volume production where consistent and repeatable threading is required.
3. Maintenance and Repair: Useful in workshops for repairing damaged threads in existing components.
4. Versatility: Can be used with various tap sizes and types, accommodating different thread standards.