Lathe Machine Surface Gauge


  • Surface gauge [ 9″]
  • Steel ruler [6″ 12″ 24″] – 3 pic set.
  • Weight: 1Kg. (Approx)
  • A surface gage is used for many purposes, but is most often used for layout work. The gage can be used to scribe layout lines at any given distance parallel to the work surface.
  • The rocker adjusting screw provides for finer adjustment of the spindle by pivoting the spindle rocker bracket. The scriber can be positioned at any height and in any desired direction on the spindle by adjusting the scriber. A surface plate and combination square are needed to set the surface gage to the correct dimension.
  • Hardened and ground baseGround “V” groove in base for mounting on cylindrical workRetractable pins provided in the base for work against edge of flat surfaceDouble ended scriber with hardened pointsFine adjustment of spindle may be made at any angle above or below the baseThe spindle may be adjusted to any position with respect to the base and tightened in place with the spindle nut.


  • Surface gage [ 9″]
  • Steel ruler [6″ 12″ 24″] – 3 pic set.
  • Weight : 1Kg. (Approx)
Accessory Suitable Model Price (Rs.)
Lathe Machine Surface Gage [ 9″] with Steel Ruler [6″, 12″, 24″] All Models 1099