ARC 400 HD- 1/2/3 PHASE – Portable Stud Type ARC Welding Machine


  • 400AMP
  • Superb Performance
  • Sturdy Structure
  • Rust-free Body
  • Portable Type
  • Easy Handle
  • Easy Operate
  • Free Delivery

Separate us from others


  • 200AMP
  • Superb performance
  • Sturdy structure
  • Rust free body

Helps you to find your goal

This portable welding machine of “BANKA” is best suited for minor repairs and maintenance.
This machine type is used a lot for small welding work.
This machine gives you a very good job and it also gets you right in transportation.
This welding machine also saves electricity.


Particular Units
Input Voltage 3 PH AC 380V +- 10%
Input Power (KVA) 9.29 KVA
Max Output Current ( A ) 250
VRD (V) 24 V
Duty Cycle @40*C 60%
No Load Voltage (V) 76
Hot Start YES
Protection & Insulation IP 21 & F
Dimension (MM) Approx 457 x 228 x 373
457 x 228 x 373 12 Kg

This is where you can use welding.
To roof in the house parking
For welding small pipes
For making farming tools
To make the school bench and table
To build an industrial shed
Cargo for vehicle bodywork
Small garage
Car garage
Garden Equipment
In small workshops in the village
Domestic Use and Industrial Use

1- Inverter based ARC 300 Power Saver Welding Machine

1- Welding Holder with Cable

1- Earth Clamp with Cable.