How to test pillar drill machine?

How to test pillar drill machine? Describes both geometrical and practical tests for general purpose and normal accuracy pillar type vertical drilling machines, and the corresponding permissible deviations.

This standard deals only with the verification of accuracy and applies neither to the testing of the running of the machine (vibrations, abnormal noises, stick-slip motion of components, etc) nor to the machine characteristics ( speeds, feeds, etc ), which shall generally be checked before testing the accuracy.


Preliminary Remarks – To apply these tests, reference shall be made to IS : 2063-1962, especially for installation of the machine before testing, warming up of spindles and other moving parts, description of measuring methods and recommended accuracy of testing equipment.

When inspecting a machine, it is necessary to carry out all the tests described in this standard, excepting those tests which may be omitted in mutual agreement between the buyer and the manufacturer.

When establishing the tolerance for a measuring range different from that indicated in this standard (see of IS : 2063-1962 ), the minimum tolerance shall be taken as 0.01 mm. For any proportional value, the calculated value shall be rounded off to the nearest 0’005 mm. However, the least count of all measuring instruments need not be finer than 0 01 mm.


Testing Instruments – The testing instruments shall be of the approved type and shall be calibrated at a recognized temperature conforming to the relevant Indian Standards.

Accuracy Requirements – The tests to be carried out, the instruments required, the maximum permissible