How to use Drill Shank Sharpening tool in Bench Grinder? ड्रिल पाना सही तरीके से कैसे घिसना चाहिए?

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This drill is the shank grinder. It is made in Taiwan. This is a time-saving device. How can this equipment reduce your production loss?
This tool grinds drill cones very fast so it saves the time your operators. This equipment can grind from 3 mm to 18mm. With this tool, you can grind the #drill_shank to an angel.

Such as:-
59 degree For the General Purpose,
68 degree For High production,
49 degree For Soft Materials,
41 degree For Countersinking,
88 degrees For Thin Material.

A video on Banka machine’s YouTube channel guides you, How to apply a drill shank and how to use it. Must watch that video once.

Banka YouTube Channel

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