How to use Drill Shank Sharpening tool in Bench Grinder? ड्रिल पाना सही तरीके से कैसे घिसना चाहिए?

This drill is the shank grinder. It is made in Taiwan. This is a time-saving device. How can this equipment reduce your production loss?
This tool grinds drill cones very fast so it saves the time your operators. This equipment can grind from 3 mm to 18mm. With this tool, you can grind the #drill_shank to an angel.

Such as:-
59 degree For the General Purpose,
68 degree For High production,
49 degree For Soft Materials,
41 degree For Countersinking,
88 degrees For Thin Material.

A video on Banka machine’s YouTube channel guides you, How to apply a drill shank and how to use it. Must watch that video once.