बंका की लेथ मशीन दूसरे से अलग हे। Hidden Features of Lathe Machine

Lathe machine’s hidden features, Why Banka Machine is different from other Lathe Manufactures.

What is important to watch while buying a lathe machine? लेथ मशीन खरीदते वक़्त क्या देखना जरुरी हे?

Why do Wing nuts apply to Banka’s lathe machine and what is its importance? बांका के लेथ मशीन में विंग नट क्यों लगाते हे और इसका क्या महत्व हे?

You’ll not find the wingnuts in every manufacturer’s machine. Banka machine provides you with the wing nut.
When you tighten the wing nut you’ll get more precise marking while turning in your lathe machine otherwise there are chances to get minor variations due to vibration.

What is the importance of wipers in a lathe machine? लेथ मशीन में वायपर का क्या महत्व हे?

Wiper wipes the slide and rubber is also present. Both of them increase the life of the machine.

Why does screw support be applied to a lathe machine? लेथ मशीन में स्क्रू सपोर्ट क्यों लगाते है?

The screw supporter provided by Banka machines works in such a way that it takes the whole weight of the machine’s screw on it and avoids vibration to give you more accuracy.
Check the precise fitting of the support screw before buying.