Face cutter or index cutter, Face Mill cutter | लेथ और मिलिंग दोनों में कैसे चलाये?

How to use milling wise in a milling machine? मिलिंग मशीन में मिलिंग वाइज का उपयोग कैसे करें?

A machine vice is a clamping device used to hold a workpiece securely when operating a machine tool, such as a drill press or milling machine.

It differs from metalworking and woodworking vices as it is mounted to the table of a machine tool instead of a workbench.

A machine vice is attached to the drill press or milling machine’s table in order to relieve the user’s hands from holding the workpiece when drilling, milling, or completing similar tasks.

A machine vice is needed because machining operations can be dangerous, and so the vice decreases the amount of risk involved by holding the workpiece for the user.

Machine vices can be used to hold a variety of materials, including metal, wood and plastic.

Can you do milling work with keyway attachment in a lathe machine? लेथ मशीन में keyway अटैचमेंट से क्या आप मिलिंग काम कर सकते है ?

The keyway milling attachment can be used to mill keyways on shafts mounted between centres on a lathe. This attachment can also be used to mill or drill holes or slots on jobs mounted on a lathe chuck keeping the lathe chuck stationary.

How does a face cutter work in a lathe machine? खराद मशीन में फेस कटर कैसे काम करता है?

Facing on the lathe uses a facing tool to cut a flat surface perpendicular to the work piece’s rotational axis.

The tool will then feed perpendicularly across the part’s rotational axis as it spins in the jaws of the chuck. A user will have the option to hand feed the machine while facing, or use the power feed option.

How much does a face cutter cost? फेस कटर की लागत कितनी है?

Face cutter costs – 12400/- only.