Which Are The Main Criteria People Have To Take In Consideration At The Time Of Purchasing Workshop Machinery ?

Which are the main criteria people have to take in consideration at the time of purchasing workshop machinery ?

Before purchasing new workshop machinery one should think about following points…

  • For most businesses, even those turning over millions of rupees per year, purchasing new machinery is a large financial decision that should not be made lightly.
  • Some machinery costs thousands of rupees, so that purchase can dramatically alter the financial situation of your business.
  • If a company is very cash-rich, they may choose to buy machinery or equipment outright so that they have full ownership from the outset and can keep the equipment for as long as they choose.




Also think about the following points…

  • Do any parts look dangerous?
  • Are there guards? If so, are they securely in place?
  • Do the guards prevent access to the dangerous parts?
  • Can the machine operate with the guards easily removed?
  • Do you understand the controls?
  • Can dust or fumes escape from the machine?
  • Is it excessively noisy?
  • Is there excessive vibration?
  • Are any exposed parts likely to be extremely hot or cold?
  • Can you safely access all necessary parts for maintenance?
  • What will be delivery period?
  • Is there any instalments or part payment system available?
  • What are the other facilities provided by the company, like free installation.
  • Free after sales services or paid services but within which time frame?
  • What are the warranty / guarantee company provides on machinery or various parts of machinery?
  • Check the past records/feedback from other buyer regarding company.
  • Machine you are going to buy is latest one ? or suits to your current and future needs ?