Types Of Tool Room Accessories

As with all the different machine tools and machining operations, the accessories that are used along with the machine play in important role in machine tool operation.

Coolant Fittings:

coolant feetings is one accessories . it is used in milling machine, lathe machine , surface grinder machien etc…

Ele. Motor 2 HP ISI:

ISI Marked Powerful motor -Cost Effective -Piece to Piece Replacement Guarantee -High Quality Bearings

Hacksaw Machine – Adjustable Bar Stand:

Adjustable bar stand is one accessories for Hacksaw Machine and it is used to set / adjust the bar and job when it is needed.

MIlling – Dividing Head:

A dividing head, or indexing head, is a machine tool attachment that allows a work piece to be rotated in precise, pre-determined increments for machining of repeated profiles

Milling – Collets:

The collet is held in the machine using a draw-in bolt which runs through the center of the spindle

Milling – Adapter:

Milling adaptors contain a custom damping mechanism to minimize vibration when milling long overhangs.

MIlling – Reck Cutting Attachment:

Accessories for Milling Machine. Useful for cutting racks on Milling machine.

Milling – Slotting Attachment:

Accessories for Milling Machine No. 1 & 2. A tol to slot the Workpiece

Milling – Slotting- Rotary Table 200 Mm:

Accessories for Milling Machine No. 1 & 2.Also for Slotting Machine. A rotary table is a precision work positioning device used in metalworking.

Milling – Universal Vice:

Milling – Universal Vice 125 mm to 150 mm.Universal vicealows the work piece to be set at any desiredcompound angle.

Milling – Vertical Head (Attachment):

Milling – Vertical Head (Attachment). Accessories for Milling Machine. importan tool for Milling Machine to to work vertically

Shaping Machine – Key Way Attachment:

Shaping Machine – Key way Attachment. A tool Used for key way and Turning Job