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crankshaft-for-air-compressor Crankshaft:
The Crankshaft of our machine is made from SG Iron. To ensure long life, we have done grinding process on it. The crankshaft is connected to the drive which may be an electric motor, turbine, or a diesel engine. As the crankshaft rotates it, in turn, make the connecting rod to move with it thus making the piston to reciprocate.
 connecting-ring-for-air-compressor Connecting Rod:
The Connecting Rod is made with forged/Cast Iron. It indicates heavy duty and long lasting life. The connecting rod connects the piston and the crankshaft.
piston-for-air-compressor Piston:
The piston is made from C.I./Aluminium. The piston moves inside the cylinder wall or the linear, reciprocating up and down
piston-ring-for-air-compressor Piston Ring:
We are using M Type Piston ring. Piston Ring can ensure high mechanical and thermal loads. Our Compressor Piston Ring is designed in such a way that they meet international quality standards.
 cylinder-for-air-compressor Cylinder:
The cylinder is Shell Moulded for robust working. The cylinder head consists of pockets of holding the intake/suction and delivery valves.The filter is usually mounted onto the cylinder head allowing filtered air to enter compressor unit.
​Tube-for-air-compressor Tube:
The tube is made of copper with brass elbows. It is rust proof.


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Sr. No. Model Piston ( CFM) Max. Working Presure (kg.) No Of Piston Tank Size (Inch) Tank Capacity (Liter) Motor (HP) Price (Rs)
1 ACT 34 9.79 12.30 2 18 x 42 175 3 39000
2 ACT 34A 9.79 12.30 2 18 x 45 200 3 41000
3 ACT 42 17.30 12.30 2 18 x 48 200 5 46000
4 ACT 42A 17.30 12.30 2 18 x 58 240 5 49000
5 ACT 53 29.80 12.30 2 18 x 58 240 7.5 62000
6 ACT 2345 36.35 12.30 2 20 x 60 300 10 84000
7 ACT 21T2 44.00 12.30 2 20 x 60 300 12.5 105000
8 ACT 6900 62.20 12.30 3 20 x 60 300 15 142000

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  • Air & Drain Coke
  • Non-Return Valve
  • Motor RaiL Set
  • Motor Pulley
  • Pressure Gauge
  • Belt Guard
  • Automatic Cut-off Pressure Switch


  • Electric Motor
  • Motor Starter
  • V-Belt
  • Oil
  • Air Dryer
  • FRL

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1. Can I store more air in a tank at higher air pressure?
Yes, but it is not recommended.

2. Can I use PVC piping for my discharge air piping?

3. How often should we change oil?
If your use is 10 hours per day, You should change it every 2 months.

4. Will my compressor run on a generator?

5. What type of oil should I use in my air compressor?
ENCLO 150 Grade Oil