Power Press Machine 20 Ton – Punching – Forging Presses – Stamping Press


  • C – Type Power Press Machine 20 Tons
  • Crankshaft dia – 75
  • Strock Adjustment- 13-76
  • Length & Width Bed – 483 x 330
  • Motor – 2 hp
  • Floor to top of Bed – 805

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The Frame is of all-steel construction, fabricated from steel plates with suitable cross ribbings.
Presses up to 30 tons will be supplied with C.I. legs. Above 30 tons presses will be supplied with
double C. Above 40 Tons presses will come with steel legs. Proper Alignment of the frame is ensured by
machining the cut steel plates before welding.


The clutch is of pin/rolling key type. The clutch is rigid and well supported. The clutch gives
continuous stroke for mass production.


The crankshaft is made of special alloy steel EN 9 machined to close accuracy and fitted in bronze
bushes for perfect alignment.



A properly sized flywheel is made of high-grade cast iron & is balanced for storing and releasing
adequate energy for the pressing operations.


Main Gear is made Form ( WCB 1030 ). Ideal And Pinion’s gear is made EN8-D.

Ram & Bed:

Table and ram are made of heavy-duty graded cast iron FG-250 & Seasoned. They are perfectly aligned
to each other to obtain quality pressings.

Inclining Mechanism:

Inclinable type presses are provided with an inclining mechanism that can be easily set and locked on
position. The press is so designed that even in a maximum inclined position, it is stale under heavy
pressing loads.


An efficient shot lubrication system has been provided for lubricating the sliding surface and moving
parts. Lubrication of up to 50 tons is achieved through an oil cup. Above 50 tons is achieved through a
Hand Pump.


We provide proper lubrication for an 80,100 150-tons press wire lubrication pump.
Flywheel Made up of high-grade cast iron to generate the required energy.
Power Press parts like Table, Ram, Gear are Precision and grind.
We make Ram, Crankshaft parts from EN9 materials.
We make parts like All Type bush from gunmetal.
The lower noise level in our press.

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Crank Shaft Dia. 76
Stroke Adjustment 13-76
Dis. Bed To Ram 254
Ram Face 298 x 140
Hole In Ram 32
Bed Size 483 x 330 x 64
Hole In Bed 95
Distance 165
El. Motor 960 RPM ( Ungear ) 2 H.P.
El. Motor 1440 RPM ( Gear ) 2 H.P.
Belt Size
Single Gear B-88
Double Gear B-84
Pully Size
Ungear 76
Single Gear 140
Double Gear 140
Stroke Per Minute
Ungear 110
Single Gear 64
Double Gear 58
Follr To Top Of Bed 805
Total H x L x W 2080 x 915 x 740
Weight Approx Kg. 1040 Kg.

Innovation with a Purpose

Steel Body Power Press :


Frame : The frame is fabricated from solid steel plate with heavy cross ribbons


Clutch : Clutch is very rigid better supported and less liable to suffer damage under heavy operating condition


Crankshaft : Made up of special alloy steel to withstand the effective load fitted in bushes with high accuracy


Lubrication : An efficient lubrication system has been provided for lubricating the sliding surface and moving parts


Fly wheel : Made up of high grade cast iron to generate required energy


Gears : Made up of cast steel iron

We are here to Help you

1) What will be the warranty Period of this Press Machine?

A:Generally Suppliers of the Press machine are providing only one year warranty period in the lathe machine. And it is not the proper return according to your investment. While We are providing 3 years warranty in our products. If there any parts damaged in your machine than we also provides free parts service in warranty period by fastest courier service.


2) How Many types are available in Press Machine?


A:1) Hydraulic Press Machine

2) Power Press Machine



3) Which accessories I Should  buy  with  Power Press  Machine?

A : Electric Motor


4) What are the models available in the power press machine?

A :

  • 3 ton capacity
  • 5 ton capacity
  • 10 ton capacity
  • 20 ton capacity
  • 30 ton capacity
  • 40 ton capacity
  • 50 ton capacity
  • 75 ton capacity
  • 100 ton capacity


5) Do you accept Domestic LC ?

A: Yes, accept domestic LC for 60 days on credit. Generally our 75 % customers are purchasing Machine from us with 60 days Credit through a Simple Process of LC. When the Seller is Unknown or New to the Buyer, Letter of Credit is one good Alternative to do the Business with Such New Seller Because Buyer can Avoid Risk by such Letter. Letter of Credit is one Additional Benefit to the Buyer by which they can protect Loss against Goods and Finance Also.The buyer can build safeguards into the letter of credit, including inspection of the goods and quality control, and set production and delivery times.