Engg contra kuwait company always prefers BANKA.

“In we have decided to purchase Lathe Machine and Grinding machine in 2015. I personally visited Banka Machine and seen the manufacturing plant of BANKA.

The way they are manufacturing the machines, their plant layout, labour’s skill, material inspection department was very nice. I like it most.

I also observed and noticed the single nut bolt to a big cast iron body material that they are using the machine. It was inspected twice before using in the final product. I have also discussed with Service team of BANKA around 2-3 hours regarding their quality, packaging policy, transportation, their after sales support etc. All the employees are senior and experienced in their field.  The response from all of them is very kind and prompt.

I like their service policy most. Because it is very easy to give service and support to domestic customers, but the service and after sales support, Banka is providing with to foreign customers is just amazing.

Finally, after analyzing all commercial and technical environment of Banka, I decide to give purchase order of 3 machines to BANKA.

At last, I can’t forget the hospitality and the way they treat me for 2 days. I am very much thankful to whole BANKA team.”

“We are very much thankful to whole BANKA team.”

 Mr. Suraj.

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