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High Precision Measuring Instruments, To Meet Your Workshop Needs
Item CodeParticularItem CodeParticular
 BNK01 3.M Measure Tape BNK02 Disc Grinder with Cuting Wheels 5 pc set
 BNK03 Blower EBC 40 BNK04 Bearing Pullers 3 Legged 250 mm
 BNK05 Degree Protector BNK06 Bearing Pullers 2 Legged 250 mm
 BNK07 Spring inside caliper 1pc 100 mm BNK08 Die Grinder Edg-30
 BNK09 Divider Caliper 1 pc 100 mm BNK10 V Block 80 x 65 x 60
 BNK11 Combination Try Square BNK12 C Clamp 8”
 BNK13 Screw Pitch Gauge (Metric 60°) BNK14 10″ Locking Vice Grips
 BNK15 Spirit Level 300 mm BNK16 Pipe Center MT4 75 to 150
 BNK17 10″ Locking Vice Grips BNK18 Pipe Center MT3 25 to 50
 BNK19 5 pc Hand File Set BNK20 Diamond Dressing
 BNK21 Micrometer Digital 0-25 BNK22 Micrometer Digital 25-50
 BNK23 Micrometer Digital 50-75 BNK24 Micrometer Digital 75-100
 BNK25 Micrometer 0-25 BNK26 Micrometer 25-50
 BNK27 Micrometer 50-75 BNK28 Micrometer 75-100
 BNK29 Digital Vernier Caliper 150 mm BNK30 Digital vernier Caliper 300 mm
 BNK31 Simple Vernier Caliper 300 mm BNK32 Simple vernier Caliper 600 mm
 BNK33 Simple Vernier Caliper 1400 mm BNK34 Dial Indicator Magnetic Stand
 BNK35 Dial Indicator 0.01 mm BNK36 Dial Indicator 0.1 mm
 BNK37 Bore Gages 18 – 35 BNK38 Bore Gages 35 – 60
 BNK39 Bore Gages 60 – 150 BNK40 Bore Gages 150 – 300
 BNK41 Digital Height Gages 600 mm BNK42 Thread Gages m 4 to m 32
 BNK43 Plier 8” BNK44 Plier side cutter 6”
 BNK45 Water Plier 8” BNK46 Hammer 30 g with Handel
 BNK47 Figure Set 0-9 5/16 BNK48 Letter set 5/16
 BNK49 Screw Drivers Set 5 pc BNK50 Screw drivers tester
 BNK51 Socket set box 19 pc socket & 6 Accessories BNK52 Tap & Die 7+7 pc Set
 BNK53 Lathe Parting Off Tool BNK54 Lathe Left Hand Turning Tools
 BNK55 Lathe Boring Bars BNK56 Lathe Right Hand Finishing Tool
 BNK57 Lathe Vee Tool. BNK58 Lathe internal threading tools
 BNK59 Lathe External Threading Tools BNK60 Milling 2MT 20 mm one tip end mill
 BNK61 Milling 2MT 16 mm One Tip end Mil BNK62 Steady Rest Pin (Banka Lathe – Standard)
 BNK63 Steady Rest Pin With Gun Metal Bush BNK64 Steady Rest Pin With Bearing
 BNK65 Follow Rest Pin (Banka Lathe – Standard) BNK66 Follow Rest Pin With Gun Metal Bush
 BNK67 Follow Rest Pin With Bearing


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