BANKA 38R ArmStrong – Radial Drill Machine – 38mm

38R ArmStrong Radial Drill Machine
BANKA 38R ArmStrong - Radial Drill Machine
BANKA 38R ArmStrong - Radial Drill Machine
38R ArmStrong Radial Drill Machine
BANKA 38R ArmStrong - Radial Drill Machine
BANKA 38R ArmStrong - Radial Drill Machine

BANKA 38R ArmStrong – Radial Drill Machine – 38mm

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Quick Overview

  • Drilling Capacity : 40 mm
  • Spindle Travel : 170 mm
  • Spindle Taper : MT-4
  • Spindle Speed : 40-2050 RPM
  • Column Diameter : 138 mm
  • Max. Distance Spindle center to column center : 850 mm
  • Horizontal Movement of drilling Head : – mm
  • Max. Distance Spindle Nose of base plate : 1260 mm
  • Vertical movement Of Radial Arm : 1000 mm

It’s really at the cutting edge of everything.


Essential Features

 03-radial-drill Feed Gear Box:

Drill machine should have machinist-friendly auto feed system. Our drill machine is easy to operate for end users and simple designed 3 numbers auto feed system with slow, medium and fast feeds. Our rigid designed gear box makes it maintenance free.

 2 speed radial drill motor Arm:

The arm is made of GCI-25 cast iron. The arm provides smooth sliding with Turcite material used.


 04-radial-drill Spindle Head:

Our drill internal part like gears, splines, spindles are made from 20 MnCr5 material and all internal working gears are hardened & ground. Because of Hardened & Ground gears machine runs smoothly.


 01-radial-drill Arm Lift:

Banka uses Geared Arm Lift System instead of V-belt which reduces wear & tear and maintenance cost and increases production lifetime.


Special Features:

  • Geometric Progression Speed & Feed
  • Easy Auto Feed System
  • 2 Speed Motor with 40-2000 RPM
  • Easy Power Feed by Hand Lever
  • Easy Tapper Shank Release
  • Accuracy Tested as per IS 2425-1963

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Specification  Size 
Drilling Capacity in Cast Iron 40
Drilling Capacity in Mild Steel 32
Tapping Capacity in Cast Iron (241 BHN) 20
Tapping Capacity in Mild Steel 15
Boring Capacity in Mild Steel 75
Drilling Head
Morse Tapper in Spindle Nose MT4
Max. Spindle Travel (Drilling Depth) 170
Spindle Sleeve Diameter 75
No. of Spindle Speeds 18
Spindle Speed Range (RPM) 40-2050
No. of Power Feeds 3
Feed Range per Revolution 0.08-0.02-0.04
Lubrication Lithium Grease
Working Range
Distance From Column to Spindle 850
Spindle Radius (Column to Spindle) 930
Spindle to Base Distance (Max./Min.) 1260
Column Diameter 138
Vertical Movement of Arm 1000
Vertical Movement Of Spindle 200
Working Surface of Base (L x W) 870 x  685
Working Surface of Table (L x W) 350 x 280
Width of “T” Slots 11+2
Drilling Motor (HP/RPM) 1/ 1400-2/2800
Shipping Dimension (L x W x H) 1260 x 690 x 2125
Weight of Machine Kg.(Approx) 750 kgs.

Innovation with a Purpose

BANKA Machines has always been at the core of creation and development of operator-friendly machines that attracts optimum productivity. Drilling Machines are vital machines that are used in workshop. Holes are made quickly with low cost while using such Machines. Holes are made by the rotating edges called ‘Drill’ which apply big force on the workpiece.

Our product of BANKA Radial Drill – 38R serves such a mechanism with its arm, column and drill head that uplifts the standards of BANKA Machines to a greater extent. Such Radial machines are used to drill medium and large diameter holes up to 50 mm in the heavy workpiece. Radial arm facilitates the mechanism of Radial Drill press to position its drill head to the workpiece.

BANKA Radial Drill – 38R possess a unique feature of its arm Lift by gearbox instead of V-Belt. In addition to that, it also has an auto-feed system by default. Auto Spindle head helps the drill chuck to hold the cutting tool.

Adding feather to appearance, BANKA’s Radial Drill makes an ace amongst other. While evaluating BANKA Radial Drill – 38R, it is worthy to note its speed of 2000 RPM. Further BANKA Radial Drill –38R possesses 1 number of spindle speed.

The specialty of BANKA Radial Drill – 38R is Turcite B Coating which prevents from Jamming, Skidding, low friction, etc.

Turcite B has an excellent mechanical properties, wear-resistant, and it is also dimensionally stable.

Accuracy standards have been tested and duly recognized as per IS 2425-1963.

Lifting is totally motorized instead of belt drive.

We maintain our drills quality by 4 stage inspection. as manufacturing process goes ahead each stage our inspector check all parameters. Though our metal drilling drill performance and accuracy are better than other industrial drill machine manufacturer. BANKA Radial drills have auto feed drilling system with high-speed motor. We had fitted 2 Speed Motor in our drill, it runs from 40 – 2000 RPM spindle speed.
Our toolroom drill is manufactured as per Indian Standard Test by testing instruments like,

Straight Edge :
A straightedge is a tool with an edge free-form curves or straight, used for transcribing straight lines. Straightedges are used in the automotive service and machining industry to check the flatness of machined mating surfaces of base as well as the drill arm. it should not be concave and convex.

True straightness can in some cases be checked by using a laser line level as an optical straightedge: it can illuminate an accurately straight line on a flat surface such as the edge of a plank or shelf. It effects in the production schedule, time schedule, time saving and increase the quality of our products.

Sound Level Decibel Meter:
As per the IS test our Tool drill head sound is measured by Decibel Meter and it should be up to 85 to 90 decibel. In every Drill Machine, it should be 85 lbs and our each Drill Machine noise level is under 85 decibel.

Dial Indicator Micrometers:
Dial Indicator Micrometers is used for precise measurement of components which are done on the Drill. It’s also used to measure the apparent diameter of celestial bodies or microscopic objects and used to check test the runout of the internal taper of spindle. As per IS Test each drill machine spindle internal taper near the spindle nose should be 0.02 mm and up to end of the spindle should be 0.03 mm.

It is used to measures the current in a circuit is to break the circuit open and insert an “ammeter” in line with the circuit so that all electrons flowing through the circuit also have to go through the meter. When an ammeter is placed in series with a circuit, it ideally drops no. voltage as current goes through Drill machine main motor.

BANKA is most popular for its quality and uniqueness of our services towards their customers. Our service engineers are highly trained and skilled to design BANKA products and to serve timely services. BANKA 38 Radial Drill is generally designed low maintenance, time saving, suitable for reckless operation and heavy metal removal.

Our Deep Drilling machine is designed for drilling medium and large parts, as well as boring, counter boring, reaming, tapping and surfacing to done with different parts and different angles. Its arm is made from solid material casting and hardened & ground. We are using the gears hardened & ground for smooth running. All control levers are quick to operate and are properly guarded against accident.

Each machine is properly checked as per IS Test Chart by our experienced engineers through testing and inspection process before dispatch from our factory. We are also using the material as Indian Standard which is used while manufacturing.

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Free Installation and start-up

BANKA provides free installation and free start up of machine. Our installation engineer visits customer premises and smoothly installs the machine. He will not just install the machine, he also advises and guides your operators so there is no chance of delay in your work. We assure that after installation of your machine, there will be no delay, you will start your work smoothly and without any delay.


Free After sales Visits

After sales is one of the essential feature. BANKA put their best efforts toward After sales services. We are providing 2 after sales visit in one year. Our service engineer will visit customer premises and check the whole machine. You can get quick support for maintenance, spares, performance etc..


3 Years Warranty

Most of the customers have confusions about Warranty of machines. BANKA always tries to serve better to his customers.We are providing 3 years warranty to our customers. We are providing free maintenance of any damaged parts within warranty period.

 Free Shipping

Free Shipping

Transportation is one of the crucial factors in India. BANKA provides Free transportation within India. So customers do not have to worry about cost of shipping and damages of machines during transport.


Right To Return

One of the Exclusive and extraordinary feature of BANKA is 100% money back guarantee.Sometimes because of any reason customer decides to return machine. At that time we will not ask any single question. Customers can return our machine within 15 days after installation.Reverse Transport charges and FULL REFUND will be issued by us in 3 days as soon as returned machine reaches our premises in its best condition.

 Technical (1)

Technical support

BANKA always welcomes customer’s queries. We are maintaining Care & Repair Department.Our team always tries to solve customers technical queries as early as possible. So there is no chance of Production loss and delay.



One most advantage of BANKA is quick availability of Spares. BANKA provides a exploded view manual book with machines. When there is a need of replacements of any parts, customers have to go through a simple process:

  • Send Parts number or its photo.
  • Get price with payment gateway link.
  • You will get dispatch details same day.

Easy & Quick Solution

It is essential to solve customer’s complain as early as possible. BANKA always tries to solve customer’s queries and complaints quickly. For quick and easy solution of Complaint, BANKA uses modern and quick tools to solve complain like as You tube video,SKYPE, Live chat etc..

SKYPE ID :- ravimachine


Machine Installation is first & foremost step after purchasing machine from anywhere.If our machine is not installed by a right way, we can not run machine smoothly for long time, even we can not get 100% accuracy in our machine.High Vibration is also one reason for Improper Installation. One thing that we have to consider at the time of installation is Place. it is necessary to keep some space around machine. So operator can operates machine freely. If we have maintain space around machine then we can properly maintain the machine anytime.

Steps to Install Machine

  • Slinging of the machine and Installation
  • Cleaning Of machine
  • Leveling of Machine
  • Possible operational Difficulty and remedies
  • Lubrication in the machine
  • Daily oil

  Generally, people install machine by their own, but it should not be done. The machine should be installed by an expert only.

Why we prefer machine installation by our expert only?


  • We have seen maximum complaints in first 15 days with the new machine. Then we have decided to give it free to all our customers.
  • Our expert team has 30 years experience of installation in workshop machinery. They are having expensive instruments so your startup will be smooth.
  • It is an engineering, product so it should be installed by an expert only.
  • Our expert is just not installed the machine he will also provide training to your operators/Technician.
  • Yes, it is cost effective solution because our technician comes to you in scheduled tour.


Note: Our service engineer will visit your premises within 30 days after the machine delivery. Our machine is easy to install. we have given full details in our manual book. we can give installation guide over the phone If you insist. If something wrong happens we take full responsibility. So you can start your machine on your own.

Lead us to serve more


No Images Accessories Description
1  06-Lathe-Machine-Price Allen Key Set Useful tools when maintenance required.
2 07-Lathe-Machine-Price Spanner Set with Oil Can Tools used for maintenance and operating machine.
3  08-Lathe-Machine-Price Vibration Dumping Pad It was made from rubber material and fitted on machine base.Use for anti- vibration when machine in running mode and increases the machine’s cutting capacity.
4  09-Lathe-Machine-Price Foundation Bolt Use to clutch the machine in self-position at the time of operation and maintenance.
5  10-Lathe-Machine-Price Manual Book All details are provides in this book like installation, maintenance,training and parts.
6  11-Lathe-Machine-Price L Clamp It’s useful in foundation to support the legs.
7  12-Lathe-Machine-Price Color Brush A tool to paint the machine or any other tools to repair while parts are damaged in transportation.
8 13-Lathe-Machine-Price Industrial Apron Apron wear for safety and keep the small tools in that while operating machines.
9 14-Lathe-Machine-Price Oil Funnel A tool for filling and filtering the oil which is essential for machine.
10  15-Lathe-Machine-Price Safety Glasses To protect eyes while operating machines.
11 16-Lathe-Machine-Price Slinging Belt For the safety of machines while loading and unloading the machine.
12  17-Lathe-Machine-Price Tools Bag To save all the small and big tools needed to operate machine.
13  18-Lathe-Machine-Price Machine Lamp Improve operator vision Fits oncarriage,moves, Parallel withcarriage, Essential While Bore Cutting.
14 full_Ele.-Motor-2-HP-ISI1 2 Speed Motor To run the machine and by 2 speed motor you can work faster than normal speed.

Relax! We carry the load


Delivery is one essential factor which we have to consider at the time of purchasing machine.

The customer always wants fast and safe delivery of their machine. but it is not possible in all cases.

We all know transportation structure of India. Sometimes because of some problems, customer do not receive machine in safe conditions as well as not in fast. Sometimes we have to face the labor problem so, that can also delay over the normal schedule of delivery.

Generally, customer is so much far from supplier’s location. They do not know transporter’s nature and their work. So Customer should prefer responsibility towards supplier’s side.


Why people prefer delivery by us?


  • We have a good association here in Rajkot for the region wise transportation.
  • We are dealing with transporters in a routine so we knows very well about their nature, cost, performance etc..
  • Road transport is unstructured in India.
  • You may be not that much aware of genuine and proper transport.
  • If we suggest us the transporter and machine will damage at the time of delivery than we are responsible for placing a claim against transporter.
  • All the responsibility belongs to Banka, we will repair the machine or replace the same. It will save our time.
  • One important part is ‘how to sling the machine’. Our genuine transporter knew have to sling the machine safely.

Complete information by videos



We are here to Help you

1) What will be the warranty Period of this Drill Machine?

A: Generally Suppliers of the Drill machine are providing only one year warranty period in the Drill machine. And it is not the proper return according to your investment. While We are providing 3 years warranty in Gear, Guidway, spindle and Barrings. If there any parts damaged in your machine than we also provides free parts service in warranty period by fastest courier service.

2) How many types are there in the Drill Machine?

A: 1) All Gear Auto feed Radial Drill Machine

2) Back Geared Fine feed Radial Drill Machine

3) Back Geared Auto feed Radial Drill Machine

4) All geared Fine Feed Radial Drill Machine

5) Back Geared Fine Feed Pillar Drill Machine

3) How many popular models are there in the Drill Machine?

A : 65 mm Capacity All geared Auto feed Radial Drill Machine

50 mm Capacity All geared Auto feed Radial Drill Machine

40 mm Capacity All geared Auto feed Radial Drill Machine

40 mm Capacity All geared Fine feed Radial Drill Machine
40 mm Capacity Back geared Fine Feed Radial Drill Machine

40 mm Capacity All geared Auto feed Pillar Drill Machine

40 mm Capacity Back geared Autofeed Radial Drill Machine

38 mm Capacity All geared auto feed Radial Drill Machine

38 mm Capacity All geared auto feed Pillar Drill Machine

38 mm Capacity Back geared Fine feed Pillar Drill Machine

25 mm Capacity Back Geared Fine Feed Radial Drill Machine

25 mm Capacity Back Geared Fine Feed Pillar Drill machine

20 mm Capacity Back geared Pillar drill Machine

4) Which are the accessories I Should Buy with Drill Machine ?

A : Key Less Dill Chuck

Electrical Motors

Keyless Drill Chuck & Arbor

Drill Chuck & Arbor

Coolant Pump with Coolant Tank

Multi Spindle Drilling

Tapping Attachment

Tinteling Table

5) What are the confusions raised in the mind of customer at the time of purchasing Drill Machine ?

A: 1) Drilling Capacity requirement

2) Which type of drill is required?

6) Do you accept Domestic LC ?

A: Yes, accept domestic LC for 60 days on credit. Generally our 75 % customers are purchasing Machine from us with 60 days Credit through a Simple Process of LC. When the Seller is Unknown or New to the Buyer, Letter of Credit is one good Alternative to do the Business with Such New Seller Because Buyer can Avoid Risk by such Letter. Letter of Credit is one Additional Benefit to the Buyer by which they can protect Loss against Goods and Finance Also.The buyer can build safeguards into the letter of credit, including inspection of the goods and quality control, and set production and delivery times.

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Our services engineers to help overseas customers


Our services engineers to help overseas customers

Mr. Motibhai Patil

Mr. Ashoksinh Zala

I am with BANKA since 40 years. I have a great experience in Lathe, Drill and other workshop Machines installation and repairing maintenance. I am always ready to solve your queries. You can contact me anytime. I am with BANKA since 12 years. I am expert in lathe machine,Drill Machine installation, training and other guidance. Get a warm welcome me regarding any technical or installation queries of lathe machines.


We can provide better shipment by our genuine agent with Affordable Price.


Address 01, Eric Machardo House, Tank Pakhadi Road No.03, Sahar Village, Sahar, Andheri (East),Mumbai – 400 099.
Contact Details +91 22-64520785

+91 9870999416



Agreed Origin Charges
THC charges Inr 850 per ton
Documentation fee Inr 2500 per set
Service tax At actual

Our international Bank Account Detail

Standard Chartered Bank
A/C Number 80605069512
Branch Address Simaria Mansion, Wockhardt Hospital, Princess High School, Kalawad Road, Rajkot-360 005
IFSC : SCBL0036064


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Product Description

Radial Drill

Drill Machine

Metal Drill Machines has so many features to improve your work.

38R ArmStrong Radial Drill Machine

We are not manufacturing any parts on our floor because it disturbs our manufacturing schedule and wasting our time. We assembled all the assembly parts and sub-assembly parts on our floor.If there any rejection in any parts that we never compromise in our quality.

Who are expertized and skilled with years of experiences. Quality control team strictly inspect all the parts with its material, and reference as per drawings. We are using the material with 20MnCr5 or SAE 8620 grade casting in Gear. Machine’s Headstock has bored in WMW Boring machine and bed also passed on with flame. WMW planning machine used to make a rough cut in machine bed and after this process, it will go for finishing the process. In next step bed will pass on grinding process by METISAN USA make surface grinding machine.We are providing service according to your usage and criticality of your lathe machine. BANKA provides free installation and free start up of machine.BANKA put their best efforts toward After sales services. We are providing 2 after sales visit in one year.