VMC Machine 850


  • Table Size 1000  x  500mm
  • T-slot-dimension 5 x 18 x 100mm
  • Dist. from Spindle Axis to Column Guide Way 560mm
  • Dist. from Spindle face to tabletop 150-600mm
  • Ball Screw Size & Pitch- Dia. 40mm Pitch:12

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Salient Features :-

  • Heavily rigid & stable Structure with high Quality casting
  • High speed & Precision feeding system
  • High speed precision spindle unit
  • Fest & reliable ATC (Automatic Tool charger) mechanism
  • Full enclosed guards & chip conveying system & software package
  • International standard electrical
  • Stringent quality control & advance testing system

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 Table Size  1000 * 500mm
 T-slot-dimension  5 * 18 * 100mm
 Distance from Floor to Table  820mm
 Max. load on table  
 X axis travel   850mm
 Y axis travel   500mm
 Z axis travel   500mm
 Dist. from Spindle Axis to Column Guide Way   560mm
 Dist. from Spindle face to tabletop   150-600mm
 Ball Screw Size & Pitch-   Dia. 40mm Pitch:12
 Spindle Speed  40 – 8000RPM
 Spindle Power   11kw
 Spindle Power- Continuous   7.5kw
 Front Bearing Bore   60mm/95mm
 Spindle Nose   BT40
 Positioning Uncertainty  +-0.005mm(JIS)
 Repeat Positioning Accuracy  +-0.003mm(JIS)
 Rapid Traverse (X Y & Z)   30/30/24/mm/min.
 Cutting Feed   2.5-10000/mm/min
 ATC Type  disc
 Number of tools   16
 Tool Dia. Max   130mm
 Tool Weight Max.   8 Kg
 Tool Length Max   300mm
 Min. Time of Tool Change  7 sec.
 Weight(Approx.)   4750 Kg
 Dimension (Approx) (L* W * H)   2500 * 2600 * 2300mm

Innovation with a Purpose


BANKA Machines have an extended trail of success in the arena of manufacturing, supplying and trading of Industrial machines.

We have not stopped after achieving a mammoth achievement of the worldwide recognition of our esteemed products. Leading the competition locally, regionally,

territorially, nationally and now we take on the lead to internationally with up-and-coming Industrial machines.

A Vertical Machine Centre popularly known as VMC Machine is a machining centre with its spindle in a vertical alignment.

High-end VMC possesses high precision value which are used for tight-tolerance milling. Fine die and mould work can be done accurately with such VMC Machines.

With the increasing demand of highly accurate and reliable along with great speed, BANKA Machines have shaped up VMC Machines. Highly dynamic in structure assists axis take-off with high speeding up.

The rigid base enhances the durability of the machine as it neutralizes the vibrations and imbalances during the operation. BANKA’s VMC Machine complies with all International Standards is compatible to undergo complex operations.

BANKA’s VMC Machine is one of the most reliable machine to perform multifarious operations with high speed and accuracy given the high precision value.

It has diminished the maintenance cost to minimal or null level as the spare parts and body of the machine is made from graded material.

Automatic nature of this machine decreases labour overheads and hence it has proved as cost-effective.

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Standard Accessories :-

  • CNC controller GSK 218MC -H
  • Panel Board
  • Spindle Motor type Servo
  • Spindle Motor Make siemens
  • Spindle Motor Make GSK
  • Drive Motor type servo
  • Drive Motor make siemens
  • LM Guide ways make HIWIN
  • Ball screw make HIWIN
  • Auto manual Coolant system
  • Centralized & Programmable Lubrication
  • Laser Calibrated Axis
  • Electrical Component Make Schneider
  • Work Light
  • Instruction & operating manual
  • Electrical manual
  • CNC controller Programming Manual
  • Machine setup Data CD