Magnetic V Block Set


-For use with magnetic chucks, these V-blocks sets are precision ground and secure in any position. Strong magnetic force means there’s no wasted time fooling with traditional clamps. Sold in pairs.- Magnetic V Block Set 65x60x50 80x65x60
Weight: 3.05 Kg



  • Powerful magnetic force on all work surfaces, upper face, V-shaped faces, and base
  • V-Blocks are often used for inspection work. Please specify precision, or ultra-precision when ordering
  • On-Off switch for fast work holding and tear-downs
  • Made from class 40 cast iron, stress relieved and annealed
  • All have 90° vees.
  • Are drilled and tapped on the top face, and supplied with one clamp and two clamp screws per v block.


Size of V Block Price
65X60X50 3999
80X65X60 4999