All Gear Lathe Machine – CW 61125M


  • All Gear Lathe Machine – CW 61125M
  • Max Length of Workpiece(abc) – 1500 mm / 2000 mm / 3000 mm / 5000 mm / 6000 mm /8000 mm
  • Width of Bed – 755 mm
  • Spindle nose – A-15
  • Spindle bore – 130mm
  • Main Motor Power – 22kw

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These lathe can satisfy the various turning requirement of a very wide range different industries —offering an affordable solution to higher machining accuracy and batter surface finish

They have o modern style and are built to accord with both latest human engineering and CE codes of practice —-making the operator feel safer and more comfortable

High speed dynamically balanced spindle balanced spindle —-using the latest machine tool building technology

Solid cast iron structure —guaranteeing the rigidity of bed head stock and saddle

Stress relieved bed and induction hardened guide ways — provides the machine with all -round rigidity and longer life

Precision ground bed slide ways —- guarantees high accuracy along the total length machine

New-type gear box and high precision spindle structure —- providing near perfect head stock performance

Totally -enclosed feed box making a wide range of thread machining possible

The lead screw is protected with metal guard —preventing the dust and increasing operator safety

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Model CW61125M
 max Swing over Bed  1250mm
 max Swing over cross slide  880mm
 Max Swing in Gap  1650mm
 Gap Length  600mm (optional)
 Max Length of Workpiece(abc)  1500mm / 2000mm / 3000mm / 5000mm / 6000mm /8000mm
 Width of Bed  755mm
Head Stock
 Spindle nose  A-15
 Spindle bore  130mm
 Taper of Spindle Bore  140mm (1:20)
 No. / Spindle speed range  21 / 3.15-3.15 rpm
Thread & Feeds
 Range of Inch Threads  
 Range of Metric Threads  1- 120mm
 Range OF Module Threads  0.5-60 MOD
 Range of Di Metrical Pitch threads  1 / 2 – 56 DP
 Longitudinal Feed  0.1 – 12mm / rew
 Cross Feed  0.05 – 6mm / rew
 Max Travel Of Cross Slide  670mm
 Max Travel of top Slide  
 Taper of Tailstock Quill  80mm / 1:20mm
 Travel Of Tailstock Quill  300mm
 Diameter of Tailstock Quill  160mm
 Main Motor Power  22 kw
Dimension & Weight
 Overall Machine Length  4450mm – (1500 ABC) / 4950mm – (2000ABC) / 5950mm – (3000ABC) / 6950mm- (4000ABC) / 7950mm – (5000ABC) / 8950mm (6000ABC) / 10950mm – (8000ABC)
 Overall MAchine Width  1955 mm
 Overall Machine Height  1910mm
 Machine Weight For 3000mm ABC  10700kg
 Additional Weight Per 1000mm ABC  1000kg

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Optional Accessories:-

  • Chuck Guard
  • Chip Guard
  • Thread Chasing Dial
  • Inch Leadscrew


Installation & Start Up:
Our Service technician ensure  a fast and smooth installation and start up of your machine with  top quality and to your complete satisfaction. Our Installation managers can gladly  advise you in a timely manner about  preparations for the installation.

Technical Support:
Our service office is ready to advise you on any questions about your machine. Remote service gives us the ability to make a direct connections between your  machine and  our consultants. Remote diagnostics allows us to correct errors fast, reducing downtime.

You can speak  to our service  technician 24 x 7 on mobile as well as land lines avail on day time.

We track every request in our service information system, which shows us the entire history of your machine. The transparency  leads to unambiguous diagnoses and fast responses times.

Annual Maintenance Contract:
We also Offer AMC at 10% of the Machine value include 2 free service on your floor. You can contact us any time for any complain from any where.

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Standard Accessories

  • 4 – Jaw Chuck
  • Steady Rest
  • Follow Rest
  • Rotating Center
  • Lighting Equipment
  • Coolant Pump
  • Tools

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Q1: What will be the warranty Period of this Lathe Machine?

A: We are providing 3 years warranty in our products. If there any parts damaged in your machine than we also provides free parts service in warranty period by fastest courier service.


Q2: Which accessories should I buy with this Lathe ?


As we suggest which accessories are necessary in this lathe machine.

ISI Electric Motor – if we use ISI mark motor instead of normal one, will save rs. 3000/- yearly.
True Chuck – also known as salf centring chuck, to make proper gip for the round type jobs.
Dog Chuck – also known as independent chuck, it’s useful to hold thesquare type jobs.
Chuck Plate – to mount a chuck on a spindle, it’s fitted on the back side of the chuck.
Steady Rest – to protect the job from over hanging while lengthy job turning.
Follow Rest – to reduce cutting thrust while between center lengthy job turning.
Coolant Pump – to improve tooling life and reduce job heating while heavy metal cutting.
Revolving Centre – it also called a live centre, it is essential for between centers turning.


Q3: Which are the Models Related to This machine ?


CDL 6236 All gear Lathe machine

CDL 6251 All gear lathe machine


Q4: Do you accept Domestic LC ?

A: Yes, accept domestic LC for 60 days on credit. Generally our 75 % customers are purchasing Machine from us with 60 days Credit through a Simple Process of LC. When the Seller is Unknown or New to the Buyer, Letter of Credit is one good alternative to do the Business with Such New Seller Because Buyer can avoid risk by such Letter. Letter of Credit is one Additional Benefit to the Buyer by which they can protect Loss against goods and finance Also.The buyer can build safeguards into the letter of credit, including inspection of the goods and quality control, and set production and delivery times.